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The Complete Stories of J. G. Ballard (2001)

por J. G. Ballard

Outros autores: Martin Amis (Introdução)

Séries: The Complete Short Stories of J.G. Ballard (1-2)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
627929,021 (4.26)19
Collects all ninety-two of the late author's stories--including "Prima Belladonna," "Dead Time," and "The Index"--Which span five decades and explore everything from musical orchids to human cannibalism to the secret history of World War III.
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There were some good stories here. Now: Zero made me think of Death Note, to the degree that someone should probably be paying Ballard royalties. Ballard's prose is awesome, crunchy, full, verbose. Many of Ballard's characters seem to be introspectively naval-gazing, astrally projecting, time-traveling going mad. The thinly veiled Poe and Conrad fan fiction was well received. More of his stuff should be made into movies in an updated format. ( )
  texascheeseman | Aug 20, 2021 |
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Title: The Complete Stories of J.G. Ballard
Series: ----------
Author: Jerry Ballard
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 1199/DNF@55%
Format: Digital Edition


A massive collection of short stories by the author Jerry Ballard. Mainly from the 60's and 70's, Ballard's stories one and all revolved around broken characters; broken mentally, broken physically, broken emotionally, broken psychologically, broken in any way you can imagine. The world is dystopian, hope has been removed and the inexorable pessimistic fate for humanity cannot be thwarted.

My Thoughts:

Ballard was a qualified writer, ie, he knew his craft and did it well. However, his style and subject matter destroyed any positives for me in that aspect. In the over 600 pages I read I would have expected SOME variety in the stories but nope, uniform brokenness was what Ballard thought and what he wrote. By the time I'd decided to DNF this, I wasn't even depressed, I was simply bored. I imagine I felt like what an art connoisseur would have felt like if Edvard Munch had only painted Scream style paintings.

At the 25% mark I was raging inside. The brokenness of the characters really had gotten to me and I was sick that Ballard could write such people over and over and over. Every man was a coward in one way or another, every woman a harpy or drone. Then like I said earlier, I just got bored. You can only read the same type of character and story so many times before it stops having an impact.

Originally, this book was published in 2 separate volumes and honestly, I think that was the correct choice. This 1 volume was just too big. Maybe if you wanted to slowly read a story here and there every day or week and you could set this down whenever you wanted, you'd not get bored. I still would have gotten bored though and there was no way I was going to spend a prolonged time period with this author's outlook. One week of reading it every day, approximately 100 pages a day (anywhere from 4-10 stories), was enough.

Ballard also hasn't aged well. The wonders of psychology would solve all the problems, but of course with Ballard that was misused so it would create all the problems. In one story psychologists had been outlawed by a right-wing world order and the main character had gone to jail for trying to help someone in an underground psychology session. I don't see Ballard becoming an enduring author. To the dustbins of history with him I say!

Finally, I couldn't help but compare this massive collection to the volumes of short stories by Asimov that I read back in '16. That was also a 2 volume collection, Volume One and Volume Two and together they about equaled the same number of pages as this. Their tone however, was much more positive and upbeat, which allowed the more negative stories in that collection to be more of a savory contrast, like sweet and sour chicken. Ballard was just sour chicken. That is only yummy if you're a sick, sick individual.

★★☆☆☆ ( )
1 vote BookstoogeLT | Sep 26, 2019 |
Prima Belladonna 4
Ciudad de concentración 5
Venus sonríe 5
Sumidero 69
Pista 12
La zona de espera
Ahora cero 3
El barrendero de sonidos 5
Zona de terror
Cronópolis 5
Las voces del tiempo
El último mundo del señor Goddard
Estudio 5, Las Estrellas 5
Final en las profundidades
El hombre sobrecargado
El señor F. es el señor F. 5
Bilenio 5
El asesino amable 5
Los locos 4
El jardín del tiempo 5
Los mil sueños de Stellavista 5
Trece a Centauri 4
Pasaporte a la eternidad 3
La jaula de arena
Las torres de observación
Las esculturas cantantes 5
El hombre del piso 99 5
El hombre subliminal
El recinto de los reptiles
Problema de reingreso 5
Las tumbas de tiempo
Ahora despierta el mar
Los cazadores de Venus
Final del juego 5
Menos uno 5
La tarde repentina 4
El juego de los biombos 4
Tiempo de paso 5
Prisionero de las profundidades de coral 4
El Leonardo perdido 5
La playa terminal 5
El hombre iluminado
El delta en el ocaso
El gigante ahogado
La Gioconda del mediodía crepuscular
Las danzas del volcán
Los asesinatos de la playa
El día eterno
El hombre imposible
Ave de tormenta, soñador de tormentas
Mañana es un millón de años
El asesinato de JFK
¡Clama esperanza, clama furia!
El reconocimiento
Los escultores de nubes de Coral D
Por qué quiero follarme a Ronald Reagan
El astronauta muerto
Los ángeles Comsat
Terreno letal
Un momento y un lugar para morir
Dile adiós al viento
El espectáculo de televisión más grande del mundo
Mi sueño de volar a la isla Wake
La catástrofe aérea
Avioneta en vuelo rasante
Vida y muerte de Dios
Notas hacia un colapso mental
El zum de sesenta minutos
La sonrisa
El tiempo muerto
El índice
La unidad de cuidados intensivos
Teatro de operaciones
Pasándolo de maravilla
Una tarde en Utah Beach
El zodiaco 2000
La arquitectura de los moteles
Un montón de fantasías descabelladas
Noticias desde el Sol
Recuerdos de la era espacial
Mitos del futuro próximo
Informe sobre una estación espacial no identificada
El objeto del ataque
Respuestas a un cuestionario
El hombre que caminó en la Luna
La historia secreta de la Tercera Guerra Mundial
El amor en un clima más frío
El espacio inmenso
El parque temático más grande del mundo
Fiebre de guerra
El cargamento de sueños
Guía para una muerte virtual
El mensaje de Marte
Informe desde un planeta oscuro
  maxtrek | Jan 30, 2019 |
This is a huge collection of short stories; clocking in at over 1,100 pages. Most of them were written in the 1960's & 70's; and unfortunately it shows; there is a dated feel to many of them, fascinating as some of the dystopian visions are.
High points included rediscovering Chronopolis, a story read years ago about a world where clocks do not exist (I use world advisedly - many of the stories take place in city-worlds, abandoned city-worlds, liminal zones); also the Vermillion Beach stories.

I've not really got into the habit of picking a book up and putting it down without having read the whole of it; and this is certainly too big and too concentrated a collection to read that way. Interesting, good in parts, in others a little same-y. ( )
  jkdavies | Jun 14, 2016 |
sort of an awkward writer, but with ideas way ahead of his time.. which is roughly now ( )
1 vote romanccm | Jun 25, 2014 |
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Deep End por J. G. Ballard (indirecta)
End-game por J. G. Ballard (indirecta)
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This is the single volume edition of J.G. Ballard's collected short stories. Please do not combine with any of the volumes from the multi-volume edition.
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Collects all ninety-two of the late author's stories--including "Prima Belladonna," "Dead Time," and "The Index"--Which span five decades and explore everything from musical orchids to human cannibalism to the secret history of World War III.

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