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Mine to Possess

por Nalini Singh

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Séries: Psy-Changeling (4)

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9554016,365 (4.02)21
In the world of Psy, a woman returns from a leopard changeling's past, making him question his base animal instincts--and unlock the darkest secrets of his heart.
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5 Possessive Stars

I am loving this series! I can't believe I did not pick these books up sooner. Nalini Singh is an amazing author who knows how to tell a story. The world she created is so in-depth and intriguing I get pulled in. Her characters work well together, complement each other, and the story is interesting and adventures.

“Mine to Possess” focus is about the main couple's complicated and enduring relationship rather than the world-building aspect of the over all story. We also learn about a new aspect in the Psy-Changeling world the Human side as well as finding out about the Forgotten.
Tally and Clay’s tragic yet inspiring love story was simply phenomenal. I liked that the main couple bonded as children and where separated by tragedy and violence which marked their destinies. They are brought back together by murder and mayhem and are now getting to know each other again.

Mine to Possess is a must read! I recommend reading the Psy-Changeling series in order, so you can understand the characters and world that Nalini Singh as created.

Audio Dec. 2017: Loved the audiobook for Mine to Possess. Just as good as the first time reading it, if not better.

( )
  angelsgp | May 14, 2021 |
talin was a pain in the ass but loved clay and the plot ( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
This book's couple focus is on a male changeling and a human woman that were friends when they were small children but due to horrific events he was led to believe that she was dead. Talin approaches Clay because she needs someone to help her find who is taking the children After the shock of finding out she is alive and hid it from him he agrees to help. Turns out the dead kids were discovered by the corporation Shine and given help or scholarships. Shine it turns out is run by the descendants of Psy that decided not to follow Silence when it was enacted. They have been hunted down ever since and now they are trying to find people that might have some Psy powers but don't know how to control it. I could have cared less about the romance but this book really developed the overall human side of the story that has been missing in the previous books.
( )
  Glennis.LeBlanc | Jan 6, 2020 |
Mine to Possess, the fourth full-length installment of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series was an awesome read that was jam-packed with excitement. In it, we have the enigmatic Clay, a DarkRiver sentinel who has always been a loner in danger of giving in to his beast nature and going rogue (taking his animal form and never turning back to human again). He’s reunited with Talin, his best friend since childhood and the human female he’s always thought of as his, when she comes looking for him in the hope that he can help her find the culprit who’s killing off the street kids she works with. Tainted by their respective checkered pasts and not sure if they can trust one another, they form an uneasy alliance that gradually heats up into a passionate romantic relationship. But meanwhile, Talin finds herself a target of the killer who wants her to stop investigating the murders, and not surprisingly, it all ties back to the Psy Council. This story really hit the spot, not only with a deep and emotional romance for our main couple, but by also adding a lot to the overall series story arc that I can tell is headed toward an eventual dismantling of the Psy Council and Silence.

Talin was an orphan who became friends with Clay when she was only three years old and he was nine. They both lived in the same slum neighborhood, and although she was somewhat afraid of him at first, she came to his rescue when he broke his leg and no one else was around. After that, they were nearly inseparable, but several years later, when Clay found out that Tally’s foster father was abusing her, his inner beast came out, brutally killing the man. Afterward, Clay went to juvie while Tally was adopted by a good family who lived far away. However, Tally had borne witness to Clay’s savage nature that day, and fearing that he might someday turn on her, she asked her social worker to tell Clay she was dead. Two decades later, she is now a social worker herself, helping street kids through an organization that helped her in the past. Several of her kids have gone missing and some have turned up dead, so Tally seeks out the one man she knows is strong enough to take on the murderer and find one of her kids before the teen is killed, too. Their reunion isn’t exactly a happy one, though. Tally finds that she’s still fearful around the man that she used to call her friend, but at the same time, he stirs emotions and desires in her that she’s never experienced before. Tally is a very complex heroine, and the threads of her characterization are masterfully woven throughout the story as she gradually comes to trust Clay again and accept that they were always meant for one another. There are so many things I’d love to say about her, but I can’t without giving away major spoilers, because she harbors several secrets that eventually come out. But I loved how she and Clay managed to work through all of them. I also loved her dedication to the kids in her care and how she was willing to risk everything for them. She was a wonderful character who exhibited the perfect mix of vulnerability and strength that has quite possibly made her my favorite heroine of the series so far.

Clay grew up with a single human mother and never knew his changeling father. Although he loved his mother, she was never quite able to accept his animal nature. He tried as best he could to suppress it, but living within four walls inside a city was difficult for the predator in him. Everything combined made him an angry loner who had no real friends until little Tally came along. She became a beacon of light to him and he became her protector. He doesn’t regret killing her foster father, but he does blame himself for not realizing what was happening sooner. Then after being released from prison, he was told she was dead, and his world imploded. Luckily the DarkRiver pack found him and took him in, but he’s continued to pretty much keep to himself and many times has felt like he might end up going rogue. When Tally suddenly reappears in his life, he’s angry with her for lying to him and staying away so long, but at the same time, he feels compelled to help her. After all she is his Tally, the one woman his beast has known belonged to him for most of his life. It takes some time for him to work through her fear and all the bombshells she drops on him, as well as his own anger, but he gradually does. In the early chapters, he’s kind of a jerk a couple of times, but ultimately I understood where his frustration was coming from and was able to forgive his conduct. He also proves to be surprisingly patient for a changeling male, taking time to help Tally overcome her issues, which helped me to feel much better about him. As the story progressed, he became the perfect mix of alpha protector and passionate lover, who ends up wearing his heart on his sleeve for Tally, which made me place him at or near the top as one of my favorite heroes of the series so far.

As with all the other Psy-Changeling books, there are supporting characters aplenty, many of whom have their own stories. From previous books, Lucas and Sascha (Slave to Sensation), Nate and Tamsyn (“Beat of Temptation” from Wild Invitation), Vaughn and Faith (Visions of Heat), and Judd and Brenna (Caressed by Ice) all make appearances, each with varying degrees of significance to the plot. Dorian, the pretty boy and latent DarkRiver sentinel, pairs up with Clay in a number of scenes as they deal with various threats together. Ashaya, an M-Psy who is working on the Protocol I project for the Psy Council, makes some surprising decisions. Dorian and Ashaya meet in this book, albeit off canvas. I could sense a bit of an attraction, at least on Dorian’s part, so I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find out that they become the hero and heroine of the next book, Hostage to Pleasure. Devraj Santos, Talin’s boss and the head of the organization she works for, becomes the hero of book #7, Blaze of Memory, and Max, an Enforcer (their futuristic version of police) who comes to Tally’s aid when her apartment is vandalized, becomes the hero of book #8, Bonds of Justice. I liked both of these men and look forward to reading their stories. We also get a couple of brief scenes with Mercy, heroine of book #6, Branded by Fire; Ria, Lucas’s assistant and heroine of the prequel novella, Whisper of Sin; as well as Kaleb, the newest Psy Council member and hero of book #12, Heart of Obsidian. I’m beginning to suspect him of certain activities and very much look forward to unraveling his motivations in the coming installments.

Overall, Mine to Possess was an awesome read that didn’t disappoint in the least. I loved Clay and Tally both as individual characters, while the romance between them is deep and heartfelt. I’m a sucker for both friends-to-lovers stories and reunion romances, both of which are strong tropes in this book. Their long-time bond, while a little battered from time apart, had survived, and with a little care and nurturing, flared back to life. It also made their emotional connection a very strong one. The mystery of who was kidnapping and murdering the kids was woven seamlessly throughout and completely engaged my attention as I waited for it all to unravel. Perhaps best of all, was the advancement of the overall story arc, which was possibly even stronger in this book than all the ones before it. At the very least, it added a great deal to the story and built wonderfully on all the others. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out and very much look forward to continuing the series to find out. ( )
  mom2lnb | Aug 17, 2019 |
Clay saved Talin from her foster father when she was eight but the trauma left her scared. He's believed her dead for decades, when she returns because she needs his help. Her fear of him quickly transitions as their connection from long ago reasserts itself. Clay has mourned her for years and is determined to convince her to be his mate, while helping her find who is murdering the disadvantaged children she's claimed. Tons more story layering as we see past and future characters.
( )
  wyldheartreads | Jun 20, 2019 |
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For my dad, Vijay, for all that you do, but most of all, for the laughter. With love.
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When the Psy Council proposed, in the year 1969, to instigate the Silence Protocol, a protocol that would wipe all emotion from the Psy, they were faced with a seemingly insurmountable problem -- a lack of racial uniformity.
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In the world of Psy, a woman returns from a leopard changeling's past, making him question his base animal instincts--and unlock the darkest secrets of his heart.

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