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Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs…
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Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems (edição 2008)

por Janet Stevens, Susan Stevens Crummel

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Dogs across the United States write to Mr. Mutt, a people expert, for help with their humans.
Título:Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems
Autores:Janet Stevens
Outros autores:Susan Stevens Crummel
Informação:Harcourt Children's Books (2008), Hardcover, 56 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:4-6, Dogs, Fantasy, Colorado Children's Book Award Nomination 2010

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Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems por Janet Stevens

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I loved this book! It was so fun to read! Mr.Mutt helps dogs deal with people problems and they always say how the cat gets it's way and Mr. Mutt always suggests doing something to the cat. The cat always rights a letter also saying how the cat is the queen and you shouldn't mess with her. The book was really cute and I enjoyed it so much that I read it to my little sister and brother. They also really enjoyed it. We all laughed so much. ( )
  hdavis1 | Sep 12, 2019 |
Are you a dog who has problems with your owners? No need to fear, Mr. Mutt is always available for help! When dogs have a problem with how they are being treated at home, they write a letter to Mr. Mutt who then responds with advice on how to handle the situation. Unfortunately, with every letter Mr. Mutt sends out he hears from the pesky cat, the Queen. "Help Me, Mr. Mutt!" but Janet Stevens, is told from the perspective of multiple dogs through letters and flyers in the newspaper. The illustrations show details of how the gods write and treat the letters, as well as pictures of the scenarios that are goin on. This book is enjoyable because it is from a dog's perspective and has advice that most owners would disagree with. It also integrates the feud between cats and dogs in a different way than you usually see. ( )
  brittburditt | Sep 4, 2018 |
This book is about a dog who is a counselor and helps other dogs who have humans issues. Mr. Mutt has problems of his own and it's a cat. This book displays that ultimately dogs rule and that humans cause a lot of problems for dogs, but they still love them. ( )
  Nicolefern | Apr 23, 2018 |
Sweet book that is very funny yet probably does not encourage good behavior! The style is very interesting, its setup with letters coming too and from Mr Mutt, a canine counselor. Very entertaining solutions to all sorts of dog problems such as being dressed up to dieting to being bathed. Stevens is clearly an animal lover and very creative in her understanding of them. Mr Mutt provides answers with graphs or food pyramids for source information--all catered to a dogs perspective. I think books like this help children understand good treatment of animals even though this is satire. There is one image describing how children pulling tails is not fun play. Oddly I have seen a lot of children have a difficult time initially interacting with animals and understanding that they need to be treated well just like people. Some it comes naturally but its nice to humanize them a little more because poor interactions between pets and children can go VERY badly. I did notice the dog versus cat implied gender. Although the only two animals with specified genders are Mr Mutt and his cat "friend" The Queen, I got the feeling that all the dogs were intended to be male. Fun book, definitely got some chuckles out of me. ( )
  signecbaum | Feb 23, 2018 |
Mr. Mutt is a counselor who receives letters from dogs around the world and he sends letters with advice to help each of these dogs with their cat problems. Children may find this book interesting with the different animal characters and how each of them sign their names with what is happening to them. Teachers may use this book to teach students on how to solve problems. ( )
  shelbieramon | Feb 12, 2018 |
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AGERANGE: Ages 4 to 9.

On the front endpapers Mr. Mutt, Canine Counselor, advertises his help with "people problems." The book is a series of letters requesting advice from dogs with problems, followed by Mr. Mutt's helpful replies, complete with sketches and diagrams. After each pair of letters comes a note from the Queen of Cats, commenting on the disparagement of cats that ends each of Mr. Mutt's notes. After several exchanges, Queen cat gets annoyed enough to "take control." The hilarious, wordless, three-page climax when the Queen takes over is followed by the arrival of one hundred and one dogs on a "rescue mission" for Mr. Mutt. The Queen moves on to advertising her own advice, while Mr. Mutt is "back in business." It is only at the end that we discover that the Queen was living in the same house as Mr. Mutt. The sixteen appealing pups staring at us on the title page win our sympathy from the beginning. Obviously Stevens is a dog lover who depicts them with affection. Mixed media is sensitively employed in some of the scenes that support the clever anecdotes in imaginative ways, while pages of delicate sepia drawings add bits of information. There is both action and fun throughout. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
adicionada por sriches | editarChildren's Literature, Ken and Sylvia Marantz
Every dog has its rough day now and then, which in this high-energy picture book calls for a letter to Mr. Mutt, Canine Counselor. Whether addressing a dog put on a diet by his people, or a pooch who's scolded for barking too much, Mr. Mutt offers a written note of nuts-and-bolts advice (to the hungry dog, he recommends searching the trash, etc.) and anti-cat commentary. His snooty, tiara-wearing cat companion, The Queen, takes issue with his "catty remarks," writing rebuttals on pink stationery. Similar to Mark Teague's Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience Schoolin both theme and epistolary format, this sister act's (The Great Fuzz Frenzy) effort lacks LaRue's narrative flow and clever situational humor. Stevens's mixed-media scenes of the pets' ultimate altercation contain the most fun: The Queen demonstrates her prowess with a digitally manipulated ball of yarn as she, taking umbrage at a feline insult, keeps her canine cohort too "tied up" to help his correspondents out of the doghouse. Ages 3-7. (Apr.)

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For Violet, the best dog in the world -J.S.
For my children, Christie, Jason, and Courtney, and the vast array of pets they have shared with me -S.S.C.
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January 17
Dear Mr. Mutt,
Do I look fat?
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Dogs across the United States write to Mr. Mutt, a people expert, for help with their humans.

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