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Five on a Treasure Island por Enid Blyton
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Five on a Treasure Island (original 1942; edição 1983)

por Enid Blyton (Autor)

Séries: Os Cinco (1)

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1,714347,679 (3.91)1 / 48
This is the very first Famous Five adventure, featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, not forgetting tomboy George and her beloved dog, Timmy. There's a shipwreck off Kirrin Island - but where is the treasure? The Famous Five are on the trail looking for clues but they're not alone!
Título:Five on a Treasure Island
Autores:Enid Blyton (Autor)
Informação:Knight Book (1983)
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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Os Cinco na Ilha do Tesouro por Enid Blyton (1942)

Adicionado recentemente porjgalinho, biblioteca privada, Harlekuin, Zhipeng1, Rennie80, eugene.quah, FelixLuisLopez, bugs5, VeronicaBox
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I loved reading Enid Blyton as a kid. Reading this book after so many years brings back some great memories. ( )
  pinaki.s | Jul 12, 2021 |
Julian, Dick, and Anne’s parents send them to spend their summer holidays with their Uncle Quentin, their Aunt Fanny, and their cousin Georgina, who prefers to be called George. As an only child, George is used to doing as she pleases without regard to others, but her cheerful cousins soon win her over. She lets her cousins in on her biggest secrets – her dog, Tim, who stays with a fishing family because her parents won’t allow him in her house, and Kirrin Island. The island belongs to George’s mother, but her mother told her that it should be hers. As the title suggests, there may be hidden treasure on the island, and the children are determined to find it. The hunt is a greater adventure than they had imagined.

I wish I had discovered this series as a child. How I would have loved it! This adult reader marveled at the freedom the children enjoyed at 10, 11, and 12. The adults in the story had no qualms about allowing the children to row to the island alone and to spend the night there alone. It’s unlikely that today’s children would enjoy the same freedom. ( )
  cbl_tn | Jan 10, 2021 |
After finishing a rather emotionally taxing suspense novel, I needed a palate cleanser. Usually I turn to children's literature after reading harsh adult fiction. My brain needed something happy and sweet. Recently, I heard about the Famous Five series, a popular series of British books about the adventures of 4 kids and their dog. It sounded like just the thing....so I found a copy of the first book on Open Library. So glad I did! What a delightful and fun book!

The basics....Julian, Dick and Anne are disappointed when they can't go to their favorite place for a holiday. But the trio become excited when they learn they are going to stay with their aunt and uncle, plus their cousin Georgina (who demands to be called George). The kids happily travel to Kirrin Bay to meet their cousin for the first time and spend the summer having adventures....including searching for lost gold!

I loved this story! George is my favorite character. She doesn't want to be a girl and play with dolls. She wants to have short hair, wear comfortable boys clothes and romp outside having adventures with her dog. Both sets of parents seemed almost totally unlikable for me though. George's father is a domineering ass and her mother seems weak willed. I guess you'd have to be to live with an ass. Julian, Dick and Anne's parents seem to not be very concerned with their kids. The 3 kids attend boarding school most of the year. Then when they do come home for summer break, their parents decide to go to Scotland without them and dump the kids at their uncle's house to spend the summer with a cousin they've never even met. The kids don't seem to mind....they want holiday adventures on their own. Their parents seem totally flighty though. Uninvolved. Better than being a helicopter parent, I guess. Luckily, despite a bit of danger, the kids had a great time and ended the summer all in one piece.

There are 21 books in the Famous Five series. The series was written from 1942-1963. I really enjoyed this first book. I'm going to read more of the series. It was a nice palate cleanser....a quick, enjoyable read about kids having fun, adventure, and some mystery for the summer! ( )
  JuliW | Nov 22, 2020 |
Femgänget närmade sig Kirrinön. Mitt på ön reste sig slottsruinen. Trasiga valv och halvt nerrasade torn och murar var allt som fanns kvar av byggnaden, som en gång i tiden hade varit ett imponerande slott. Nu bodde bara kajorna i det och på murkrönen och tornen satt måsarna i flockar.
"Det ser hemskt mystiskt ut", sa Julian.
Det skulle vara roligt att gå i land och titta på det. "Och tänk vad kul om vi kunde övernatta på ön!"

Men hade de anat vad de skulle råka ut för hade de nog aktat sig noga för den gamla slottsruinen ...
  stenbackeskolan | Oct 27, 2020 |
Julian, Dick, and Anne are disappointed when their parents announce plans to vacation alone in Scotland. The children quickly change their tune when they learn that they will be spending the summer at their aunt and uncle’s house on the coast with their cousin George (Don’t ever call her Georgina) and her dog, Timmy. What follows is a glorious summer of swimming, canoeing, and exploring George’s private island.

I’ve heard of Enid Blyton but I’ve never read any of her books before. I don’t know if she wasn’t as popular in the US in general or if my library simply didn’t have her books. Either way, I feel a bit deprived. I would have loved this book as a child!

As an adult who is more than willing to read a book for any age group, I still enjoyed it but I wish I were coming to it with a child’s innocence. Now, I find it astounding that George’s parents are like, “You want to spend a couple of nights on an island by yourselves, children? Here are your sandwiches.” I wonder what has caused that cultural shift? Smaller families and more time to worry about each child? Higher crime rates? It’s just something to ponder.

Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and Timmy are a fun little crew and their explorations feel like the stuff of childhood dreams. Anne, the youngest, is slightly timid; Dick and George are maybe a little too brave; and Julian seems to be the level-headed one. Timmy is just excited to be around his beloved pals.

If you’re looking to re-capture some childhood innocence or want to share some nostalgia with the children in your life, give this book a try. I smiled my way through it, reliving my own small summer adventures. ( )
  JG_IntrovertedReader | Aug 31, 2020 |
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"Mother, have you heard about our summer holidays yet?' said Julian at the breakfast table.
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This is the very first Famous Five adventure, featuring Julian, Dick, Anne, not forgetting tomboy George and her beloved dog, Timmy. There's a shipwreck off Kirrin Island - but where is the treasure? The Famous Five are on the trail looking for clues but they're not alone!

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