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Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Pioneer (Graphic Library: Graphic…

por Connie Colwell Miller

Séries: Graphic Biographies, Graphic Library (Graphic Biographies)

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"Describes the life and career of suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton"--Provided by publisher.
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Summary: Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a Women in the 1800’s that wanted to have the right to vote, she also wanted all women to also have the right to vote. She married a abolitionist lawyer named Henry Stanton that wanted all African American slaves to have their freedom. Elizabeth was told that women’s job was to cook, clean, and raise a family. At the time women only went to high school. Women were not allowed to go to college or any other type of schooling. Eventually she was able to continue her education at a seminary. She was writing letters and presenting speeches, traveling across Kansas to push the right for women to vote. She has been well known for this law to finally be passed, the 19th Amendment which gave the right for women to vote today.

Personal Reaction: The book was made like a comic book type of format, which made it interesting to read. Also set up in different time frames. I believe that it will make the book interesting for students to read.

Classroom Extension:
1. The teacher can use the story to ask the students the different between having the rights and not having the rights.
2. The teacher can ask the students what they learned from the story, and how important it is to have those rights.
  Santiago_M. | Mar 28, 2015 |
During the 1800s, women were not able to vote, own land, or have a professional job. They were supposed to cook, clean, and raise a family while the husband supported everyone. At the age of 11, a girl by the name of Elizabeth made a decision wanting to change the law for women's rights. Elizabeth eventually continues her education at seminary and after that gets married to an abolitionist lawyer named Henry Stanton. after she sees her children grown, she writes letters and presents speeches traveling across Kansas to vote for suffrage in women. She has been well know for this law to finally be passed from the 19th Amendment which gave the right for women to vote today.

Personal Reaction:
I really liked how the story was divided into different chapters and written in a comic strip format to make it more interesting and fun for children.

Classroom Extension:
1. The students can write a paragraph about the women's important role in history and how it has changed our country today after the teacher reviews them the history lesson.
2. The teacher can have the students get have the students divide into teams and answer questions related to the story of women's civil rights.
  blossomfairy | Mar 31, 2013 |
"Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Pioneer" is a biographical account of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's mission to earn women the right to vote. It follows her journey from fighting her father to allow her to go to high school, to her marriage, to her working with Women's Suffrage Groups, and her friendship with Susan B. Anthony. It would be a great introductory book on Stanton for younger readers.

It is written in a comic book/graphic novel style that would appeal to many young reluctant readers. It includes a glossary, internet sites for more information, other books, and a bibliography. I believe it would leave readers wanting to have more information on this topic. ( )
  jroy218 | Sep 16, 2012 |
I thought this was a great book for children who prefer reading graphic novels. It has great illustrations and information on Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her fight for suffrage. I would definitely use this book in my classroom.
  EmmaleaCarter | Nov 29, 2011 |
Summary: Elizabeth Stanton was one of the first women to stand up for women’s rights in America. This book brings her to life in a graphic novel format. The story covers her life and her many contributions to history.

Personal: I find it ironic that I took notes over Elizabeth Stanton in my history class just before I find this book in my children’s lit. class. She was an amazing woman with more courage than most women have today. This book brings her to the attention of younger readers in a format that they would be drawn to.

Classroom Extension:

Social Studies: Any lesson about women’s rights, the constitutional amendments, or early American society could be tied into this book.

Public Speaking: There are times throughout children’s education that they will be required to speak in front of their class or an assembly. They could gain inspiration from Elizabeth Stanton and her speeches. ( )
  kdhayes06 | Nov 18, 2011 |
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Graphic Library (Graphic Biographies)
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"Describes the life and career of suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton"--Provided by publisher.

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