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Intertwined (An Intertwined Novel) por Gena…
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Intertwined (An Intertwined Novel) (edição 2017)

por Gena Showalter (Autor)

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7666522,517 (3.69)13
"Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him: one can time travel, one can raise the dead, one can tell the future, and one can possess another human, and then he meets a girl who quiets the voices."--Dust jacket.
Título:Intertwined (An Intertwined Novel)
Autores:Gena Showalter (Autor)
Informação:Harlequin Teen (2017), 381 pages
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Intertwined por Gena Showalter

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A little less than 3, but more than 2.75, stars.

Many facets of this book are fascinating, but it feels like the author had alllll these ideas and crammed them into one book.

It's hard to follow at times, and most of the time I don't particularly worry that I'm not following because it's probably not a piece of information that's going to get me from start to finish.

Yep, lots of wandering in the dark forest, literally and figuratively.

I did enjoy it, though. I want to know how the trilogy ends. ( )
  amandanan | Jun 6, 2020 |
Intertwined was one of those books where I was initially entertained and impressed by the story, but as it went on, I noticed more flaws and my interest started to slip away. It's a little disappointing, because it seemed like it was going to be such a great addition to the paranormal books I've read.

The premise starts great; Aden is an ordinary teenage guy sharing his mind and body with four very different souls: Eve, Julian, Elijah, and Caleb. None of them have any idea how they got there, who they are, or how they get out. And besides the constant chatter in his brain, each soul has its own ability that complicates Aden's life even more. Aden is shunted from home to home, until one day he visits a graveyard, awakens the dead, and meets a girl who has the power to silence the souls.

From there, many other paranormal things ensue, but unfortunately that's where the cliches and other tripping points I have with this book crop up. First off, I will say I liked Aden's character, and most of the others had their moments as well. I really liked the souls and Aden's interactions with them, which is why I found myself wondering why their participation seemed to taper off towards the middle and end instead of increasing. One of the reasons I've decided to read the next book for sure is to find out what happens to them.

Probably the main problem I can say I had with this book by the end was the relationships. The author is pretty good at coming up with cool characters, but both romantic relationships fell almost completely flat for me. The one between Aden and vampire princess Victoria used the "predestined, obsessive love" trope almost as a crutch; there was almost no development between them. Victoria herself (my namesake, hmph) was one of the flattest characters too. Mary Ann and Riley faired a tiny bit better, but again, not much substance other than they find each other attractive. It was just disappointing and stole a lot of emotion from the book. The pacing and dialogue were also occasionally stilted and bizarre (especially the last couple chapters), but I realized a lot of that led back to the relationships in the end.

Anyway, there's enough going on to keep me interested, but it's primarily the souls' fates that have me wanting to get the sequel, not anyone's romance or any one character.

( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
ok so I enjoyed this book, it wasn't great but it was able to keep my interest, so much so that I stayed up reading the entire thing tonight. considering its 4:30 in the morning. I really enjoyed Mary Ann and Rileys parts, Adens and Victorias eh they had their moments but I was rather ho-hum over them. Aden at first seemed really emo typed, but then victoria comes along and he's more like a love strucked sap until the end which was interesting for sure. will be continuing on with this series I'm sure since there was four souls that means four books. that kind of reminds me of a movie called "hearts and souls" it was with robert downey jr. and he had 4 ghosts, they weren't in his head he could see them. but they were attached to him until he fullfilled their final thing to do on earth. its a cute movie. but yeah this book kind of reminded me of that movie. so finding out about the souls makes this story interesting. I however almost cried during the eve/mary ann part, it did sadden me to see her go. ( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
On one hand, here's a book that takes place in Oklahoma -or starts there- how rare is that? Props to that being a thing.

On the other, this book lost me within thirty pages and while I could have kept reading, I'd already rechecked it out three times and managed no progress.

It's written fine, at least it's not first person like most books of this matter are(saving grace), but it's just not as interesting as the premise makes it to be.

You'd think there would be more interesting stuff within a book about a guy who has four voices in his head, but the most we get within the first twenty pages is his nickname, that he causes zombies to emerge from the ground, and he kills them. It feels weak, as though each scene is him causing and solving his own problems again and again. With four witty commentators. Not as appealing as it should be.

No idea what I'm missing after chapter two, but it can't be that much. Maybe one day I'll have it in me to sit down and read the whole thing. ( )
  Yolken | Nov 3, 2019 |
Aden has four souls inside his head, he tries to keep himself out of mental instit., keep himself in school and with his first ever set of friends all while trying to help his 'souls' get free. Very interesting YA, will be reading more of this series
( )
  wyldheartreads | Jun 20, 2019 |
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The number of supporting characters that crowd the story dilutes the strengths of the novel... Showalter leaves far too many questions unanswered, resulting in a feeling of needing to read the next book, rather than wanting to.

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To the real:

Victoria, Riley, Haden, Seth, Chloe, Nathan, Meagan, Parks, Lauren, Stephanie, Brianna and Brittany. I love you all. But just remember that your characters can sprout horns and tails at any moment....

To Jill Monroe. I sent you coal and you found the diamonds. This book would not have been possible without you. I would not be possible without you. So I'm just gonna say it: I love you. And yeah, you were right. But if ever asked in public, I'll deny the last one.

To Kresley Cole. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be inside your books. Or your house. I could move in tomorrow. Just sayin'. After all: Kresley - Gena = Sadness. Kresley Gena = Happiness. And yes, I love you, too.

To P.C. and Kristin Cast. I pull a muscle every time I'm with you because I laugh so hard. My life is a better place with the two of you in it! Because...what? I love you.

To Max, my husband, sweetheart and (as I've been told) the greatest guy ever. I love you.

To my amazingly supportive family. Mike, Vicki, Shane, Shonna, Michelle, Kemmie, Kyle, Cody, Matt, Jennifer, Michael, Heather, Christy, Pennye and Terry. I'm the lucky one who gets to enjoy (and love) you. You guys just got stuck with me. Suckers!

To David Dowling. Thank you for creating Crossroads. You are NOT a fool.

To my agent, Deidre Knight, who really went to bat for this one.

For my editors Tracy Farrell and Margo Lipschultz. You are with me every step of the way, no matter what I decide to write, supporting me, lifting me and making me better.

And to myself. Because this one almost killed me.
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A cemetery. No. No, no, no!
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"Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him: one can time travel, one can raise the dead, one can tell the future, and one can possess another human, and then he meets a girl who quiets the voices."--Dust jacket.

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