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Someone for Mr. Sussmann por Patricia…
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Someone for Mr. Sussmann (edição 2008)

por Patricia Polacco (Autor), Patricia Polacco (Ilustrador)

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14024155,123 (3.86)2
Although she is the best matchmaker in the neighborhood, Jerome's Bubbie has a hard time finding a match for the fussy Mr. Sussman.
Título:Someone for Mr. Sussmann
Autores:Patricia Polacco (Autor)
Outros autores:Patricia Polacco (Ilustrador)
Informação:Philomel Books (2008), 40 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:PIC, BIO

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Someone for Mr. Sussmann por Patricia Polacco

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Mr. Sussman is looking for a wife, so he turns to Jerome's bubbie who is a matchmaker. She has found a match for everyone who goes to her, but Mr. Sussman turns out to be very picky. Jerome's bubbie tries everything she can think of, but Mr. Sussman continues to change her mind. Until one day he finally realizes that everything he had been looking for was right in front of her eyes. ( )
  marthafrivas | Jul 13, 2021 |
Men. Are. Clueless. Women. try. too. hard.
These are the two stereotypes Polacco calls attention to in a light-hearted and funny way. Mr. Sussman desperately wants a perfect match and goes to Mrs. Zukin as his match maker. Poor Jerome, Mrs. Zukin's grandson, sits in on the appointments and watches over and over as his Bubbie tries to impress Mr. Sussman, conforming herself to every image he thinks will meet his desires, and he watches over and over as the picky Mr. Sussman looks over Bubbie and make another impossible request. Turns out when Bubbie didn't try so hard and Mr. Sussman opened his eyes, their interest in each other was able to blossom. ( )
  cblanco | Feb 12, 2020 |
I love this story!!! The story begins by telling you that Bubbie is a matchmaker and you assume that she will find someone for Mr. Sussman, but no one ever thought about if Bubbie needs someone too. You begin to realize that everytime Mr. Sussman wants a woman with some type of quality Bubbie tries to make herself into that type of woman. Mr. Sussman never likes it though and in the end he likes her just for who she is. The main theme of this story is that every pot no matter how crooked has a lid to fit it. This is not only the implicit theme but also the explicit theme. I really loved this story because honestly it gave me hope that I will also find my lid one day. ( )
  hdavis1 | Sep 19, 2019 |
Illustrations: pencils and markers. Mr. Sussman went to a matchmaker to find somebody to marry, but the matchmaker was having trouble finding someone to marry him. The matchmaker tried to impress Mr. Sussman every time he came for an appoinment, but Mr. Sussman wasn't noticing what the matchmaker was doing. In the end, Mr. Sussman came over to the matchmaker's house for tea and noticed just how beautiful she was. They ended up getting married and having the wedding of the year! This book fits into the realistic fiction genre because it is a story that could definitely happen. A lot of people have trouble finding the person they marry and they lose hope too soon when the person they are to be with is right in front of them. Genre: realistic fiction, Age appropriateness: Primary ( )
  allieburks | Feb 9, 2017 |
Excellent writing (by a renowned author), great illustrations. The value in the story is that people will like you for who you are, and that it is pointless to try to change for them. A few unintended values slip in too, however, as in the quote "even a wife for the Firesteins' very large son, and that was a miracle!" and the accompanying illustration, reinforcing a cultural prejudice against large/overweight people. - Marla S. ( )
  cavlibrary | Sep 23, 2016 |
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Gr 2-5

Jerome's stylish grandmother is a successful matchmaker with dozens of happy clients, the exception being Mr. Sussman. Jerome thinks that the man is too picky, but Bubbie is convinced that she can find him the perfect woman. "No pot is so crooked that there isn't a lid to fit it," she says. In fact, she decides that she's his match and makes drastic changes to prove it, to no avail. Finally, after giving up on trying to please Mr. Sussman, Bubbie ends up with exactly what she wanted all along. While the lengths to which she goes to win Mr. Sussman's affection are humorous, the story's theme may have little appeal to the elementary crowd. The narrative strikes the right note at the end with the message of staying true to oneself, but readers may lose interest getting there. Polacco's characteristic pencil and watercolor illustrations seem less polished than in her many other finely detailed and crafted offerings. Sprinkled throughout are Yiddish words and references to Jewish traditions.-Beth Cuddy, Seward Elementary School, Auburn, NY
adicionada por sriches | editarSchool Library Journal, Beth Cuddy
Polacco's (The Keeping Quilt) exuberant style blasts through this predictable yet rewarding tale of a successful Jewish shadkhen (matchmaker) who has one client for whom she cannot find a match (readers will quickly guess why). Narrated by her red-haired and bespectacled adolescent grandson, the story chronicles "Bubbie's" attempts to turn herself into the seemingly impossible-to-please Mr. Sussman's dream wife: as he updates his requirements every week, she makes her home kosher, redecorates, becomes a workout queen, masters ballroom dancing and so on. The author brings in homey, Fiddler on the Roof syntax ("This person I'll find for you"), along with words like "oy" and "farklempt," illustrating the story in her signature style of comfortable c?aricatures and broad strokes. A good-natured spirit percolates throughout, and readers, like the supportive grandson, will root for persistent Bubbie. Ages 6-8. (Nov.)

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adicionada por sriches | editarPublishers Weekly, Reed Business Information
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Although she is the best matchmaker in the neighborhood, Jerome's Bubbie has a hard time finding a match for the fussy Mr. Sussman.

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