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Love, Lies and Texas Dips

por Susan McBride

Séries: The Debs (2)

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Houston debutantes, Laura, Mac, Ginger, and Jo Lynn, fall in love and plot revenge amid their first round of etiquette classes.
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Reviewed by Breanna F. for TeensReadToo.com

Well, they did it. Laura, Mac, Ginger, and (unfortunately) Jo Lynn were four of the handpicked girls to become Rosebud Debutantes of The Glass Slipper Club. But the only thing harder than getting into the GSC is staying in it...

Laura's dream is finally on its way to becoming true! Or at least that's what she thought at first, until an awfully nasty lie was spread around about her by who she can only assume was Jo Lynn or one of her followers. She just seems to keep getting herself into more and more trouble by talking to Dillon and Avery - and Jo Lynn just won't have it anymore. Will this heinous lie get Laura kicked out of the GSC for good?

Mackenzie aka Mac still isn't psyched about becoming a Rosebud. Now that she actually is one, she keeps referring back to her late mother's letters for inspiration and guidance. She especially needs the extra guidance now after realizing how shallow girls can really be, what with the whole Laura and Jo Lynn stuff going on. To top it all off, the new girl in town, Cindy Chow, has her eyes on Mac's oldest pal, Alex, who has always been there for her. Now that he's spending time with Cindy, Mac may be starting to feel a little bit jealous. But will she ever be able to confront Alex about how she thinks she may feel?

Ginger, having finally put what happened with the college boy behind her, is ready to move on to bigger and better things, like of course being a Rosebud, social activism, and fine art. But when her grandmother wants her to sit for a portrait in her gown by the son of a local artist, she realizes that she already knows the guy. And what she remembers isn't good at all. Why, oh why, must she always attract the bad guys? But wait, is he really as bad as Ginger remembers him to be?

All Jo Lynn wants to do is take down Laura once and for all. After finding Laura's number in Dillon's phone, she has just had it. According to Jo Lynn, the girl has to go down. There is no way that Laura is taking Dillon from her, and she sure as heck is not getting back with Avery yet again. She just has to think of the perfect rumor that will get her kicked out of the GSC and ruin her reputation for good.

This is the second book in THE DEBS series, and I have to say that it is amazing! It's even better than the first. In THE DEBS you're introduced to Laura, Mac, Ginger, and Jo Lynn, but this book goes much deeper into their relationships and, of course, there's scandal.

Each chapter draws you more into the story, and each chapter is told by one of the four main characters, so you get a different point of view in each. It's pretty easy to sympathize with Laura, Mac, and Ginger. And Jo Lynn is just a girl you love to hate. She is the perfect bad girl in this story and, despite her witchiness, I love her character.

I'd recommend this to anyone who has read THE DEBS, of course, and for anyone who likes to read about teen girls, relationships, and scandal. I bet if you pick up this book you won't be sorry. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 10, 2009 |
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Houston debutantes, Laura, Mac, Ginger, and Jo Lynn, fall in love and plot revenge amid their first round of etiquette classes.

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