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The Birth House por Ami McKay
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The Birth House (original 2006; edição 2007)

por Ami McKay (Autor)

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1,8471046,955 (3.94)262
The first daughter in five generations of her Nova Scotia family, Dora Rare becomes an apprentice to a gifted midwife and storyteller before their home is threatened by the arrival of a brash medical doctor who promises sterile and painless births.
Título:The Birth House
Autores:Ami McKay (Autor)
Informação:Vintage Canada (2007), Edition: 5th Printing, 408 pages
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The Birth House por Ami McKay (2006)

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    The Reluctant Midwife por Patricia Harman (4leschats)
    4leschats: Also looks at historical issues within the context of women, births, and midwifery
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    The Midwife of Hope River por Patricia Harman (vancouverdeb)
    vancouverdeb: Both books are about midwifery in the early 1920's ,1930's. Both also tackles social issues.
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    Baby Catcher: Chronicles of a Modern Midwife por Peggy Vincent (infiniteletters)
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    Sex Wars por Marge Piercy (tangledthread)
    tangledthread: also deals with the historical issues of gender politics.
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    Practical Magic por Alice Hoffman (JolieLouise)
    JolieLouise: Has a similar "feel" to The Birth House. The difference being that the "remedies" used in The Birth House are more passed down folklore/wisdom whereas the "remedies, etc..." in Practical Magic are more magic/witchcraft. Both books have females as the main characters and the females have the power of healing/magic . . .… (mais)
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This book is a bit of a departure from my usual reading, but after reading a blurb on Goodreads about it, I was intrigued. Luckily, my local small-town library had this book available, so I checked it out. I'm glad I did. It is an enjoyable story.

Dora Rare is special. She's the first girl born in the Rare family in five generations, and she has the gift of healing. A local midwife, Miss Babineau, begins to teach the young girl what she knows so that Dora can continue the tradition of folk medicine and midwifery in Scots Bay, Nova Scotia. When a medical doctor comes to the area with plans to open a birthing center, he clashes with Miss Babineau and Dora. He wants to begin using anesthesia and modern birthing methods, ending at-home births for the rural women of the area. While families were able to pay Miss Babineau with food and other goods, the new birthing center will require families in the area to pay a fee and travel to the center for births. Soon the doctor is accusing the women of botched deliveries and even dispensing dangerous herbal concoctions that allegedly resulted in the death of one local woman.

I loved the character of Miss Babineau. The wise and caring folk healer was portrayed perfectly. For decades Miss Babineau helped the women of Scots Bay with births, illness, deaths and all sorts of medical complaints. The people of Scots Bay saw her as a healer, and at times a witch....loving and somehow fearing her at the same time. Such a colorful, vibrant character! Her distrust and fear of modern medical medications, procedures and requirements is understandable. The old ways will pass away to make way for the new..... But modern doesn't always mean better......just different. Dora had such love and respect for Miss Babineau, as did the other residents of the area.

I disliked the doctor. While more modern and safer methods of delivery were being developed to help women, Gilbert Thomas seems more intent on making money, rooting out folk medicine and herbal healing and offering treatments that seem more barbaric and predatory than medicinal. At one point, he offers vibrator treatments for his patients to supposedly prepare their bodies for pregnancy. Sicko. Ugh. Horrible man. But then again, his actions aren't surprising as women were often treated for "hysteria'' in ways that seem cavemanish to modern sensibilities.

All in all, a nice bit of women's fiction.

For more information on the author and her other books, check out her website: http://amimckay.com/ ( )
  JuliW | Nov 22, 2020 |
So, so, so good! ( )
  KalissPalace | Oct 27, 2020 |
This is my first recommendation from someone else and also my first book by a local author! I’m really happy that my hairdresser recommended this to me because I must admit that I don’t read a lot of books by local authors. After reading The Birth House, I was reminded of how comforting it is to read books where the landscape is familiar, and how many amazing authors live nearby!

The Birth House takes place in Scot’s Bay, Nova Scotia, just outside the Valley if I have any locals reading this. I’m lucky to have visited the area a couple years ago, and I drive through every so often. The plot follows eighteen year old Dora as she apprentices with a midwife in the early twentieth century. Dora is the first daughter born to her family in generations, and some ostracize her for being constantly surrounded by boys. She eventually takes over the practice from Miss. B, the midwife, and faces hardships from poverty and men who don’t believe in midwifery.

McKay put a lot of research into early twentieth century life to, in my opinion, accurately depict Nova Scotia life in a small village. The research into old medical practices is equally in-depth, and super interesting to read about. All of the small details create a believable and immersive landscape.

As for the characters, I liked the cast, though some came across as one dimensional through Dora’s eyes. One example was Archer, Dora’s abusive husband. While Archer could have been an interesting villain and someone who prevents Dora from achieving her dream of becoming a midwife, he came across as unnecessary. All he did was disappear for a large portion of the novel.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience of reading THE BIRTH HOUSE, though I’m not sure how I would have felt if I wasn’t familiar with the area. Additionally, the novel is fast paced with little descriptions of everyday actions and routines. I just felt like the plot could have moved a little slower and taken the time to establish a bit more.

6.5/10 Even if this wasn’t a perfect novel, I don’t know of many other books that take place in this time period that take the time to cover as many subjects as The Birth House did, especially with such a young protagonist. ( )
  Reading.rock | Oct 17, 2020 |
Pretty good - suffers a bit from "I found this REALLY cool thing when researching, must include!" syndrome. ( )
  elenaj | Jul 31, 2020 |
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As with Water for Elephants, this book sat on my 'to-read' list way too long. After finally picking it up from the library, I almost returned it without reading because it just didn't appeal to me. However, I am so happy that I opted to read rather than return.

I loved how the author, Ami McKay, wrote this story. It amazes me to think that the story actually takes place in the early 1900's and during WWI. Other than when the story actually mentioned the war or the fact that there wasn't electricity, you wouldn't have known that it wasn't a modern day story.

Also, I really enjoyed reading about midwifery. I chose to have a 'modern' birth when I had my son (ie. hospital with doctors) but have heard of so many wonderful stories of the 'midwife experience'. By the end of The Birth House, midwifes were becoming extinct and doctors becoming the way of the world... nowadays, it seems as if things are moving back in the other direction as more and more people chose to use a midwife over a doctor for their birthing experience. If only the people of Scots Bay knew this, it would have saved so much trouble

Overall, The Birth House was a wonderful debut novel by a Canadian author. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a story about a mother struggle to choose between what everyone says is right and what she feels is right in her heart
McKay sets The Birth House against the historical backdrop of war, influenza, the Halifax Explosion, and the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919. Issues of women’s rights and freedoms are never far from the novel’s surface. Gradually Dora becomes the guardian of age-old female knowledge under threat from modern technology. She is forced into the fray when Dr. Gilbert Thomas, an ambitious, unscrupulous obstetrician, arrives in Scots Bay with promises of safe, painless childbirth. Young though she is, Dora knows that pain and danger are inseparable from life. With the staunch support of the Occasional Knitters Society, she fights Thomas’s hostile takeover. He counters with charges of malpractice, precipitating her flight to Boston....Intelligent, quirky, passionate, and funny, it deserves a wide readership and a long shelf life.

adicionada por vancouverdeb | editarQuill &Quire, Maureen Garvie (Jan 9, 2011)
The miracle of birth and the struggle to live a good life; the miracle of a good life and the struggle to be born -- these are just a few of the themes explored in Ami McKay's poignant debut novel, The Birth House.

The novel is set in a small Nova Scotia community during a period of great change: in Europe, the First World War is raging. In North America advances in medicine and social organization are radically altering they way people live. It's an era charged with tumult, destruction and social revolution.
A national bestseller, The Birth House won the Ontario Library Association's 2007 Evergreen Award and was named one of the best books of the decade by Chapters Indigo

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For my husband, Ian, My heart, my love, my home
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My house stands at the edge of the earth.
Ever since I can remember, people have had more than enough to say about me.
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A rumour is about as hard to unspread as butter.
No matter what you do, someone always knew you would.
Throw an onion after a bride and you'll throw away her tears.
The most horrible curse you can put on a woman is to kiss her on the cheeks and tells her that things couldn't get any worse. The minute you say it, they surely does.
Our little village, perched on the crook of God's finger, has always been ruled by storm and season.
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The first daughter in five generations of her Nova Scotia family, Dora Rare becomes an apprentice to a gifted midwife and storyteller before their home is threatened by the arrival of a brash medical doctor who promises sterile and painless births.

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