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The Xenocide Mission

por Ben Jeapes

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In a far-distant solar system, Lieutenant Joel Gilmore and his space observation team are suddenly attacked by the very aliens they were sent to watch.
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This book had a good beginning & resolution but it had problems. I️ liked how it addressed misunderstandings & assumptions by the different aliens, a nice analogy to diversity issues. But it got preachy at the end. There were no section dividers within chapters in the E-book. So no idea there was a switch in locale & characters from one paragraph to the next, maybe a prob with kindle version. Finally, lots of jargon with little explanation. ( )
  KarenMonsen | Mar 28, 2018 |
A very exciting book! Very good plot! A good read for action/sci-fi readers.
  isaac.eck | Feb 8, 2010 |
Opening Sentence: '…Joel Gilmore's life was saved by a faulty component module, the vagaries of SkySpy's maintenance roster and a called in favour…’

I found this to be a fairly complicated story. Often getting lost, trying to figure out the intricate connections between the various characters.

Lieutenant Joel Gilmore and his partner Boon Round (a member of four-footed hairy alien species nicknamed Rusties) are working on maintenance duty when their spaceship is attacked by XCs. Only Joel and Boon survive. The spaceship is spying on the XC world aka World 4. XC is short for Xenociders - so called because they were observed totally annihilating the nearby World 5, which is now called the Dead planet.

However the XCs didn't kill Joel and Boon and they are kept prisoners and unharmed. The two groups can't communicate to each other, but the author switches the story between Joel and Boon and to the main XC character - a female (Oomoing) - so we can see what is going on from their point of view. They are merely observing Joel and Boom. Oomoing is assisted by a young male called Fleet. After seeing the treatment of World 5, Joel and Boon are convinced the XC want to kill them and then go on to earth and destroy that. They plan on escape in the last lifeboat left in the space station. They can't believe their luck when they are taken to the lifeboat, because of the communication difficulties they don't realise the XCs are letting them go. In ther kerfuffle, Oomoing and Fleet are trapped in the lifeboat.

Joel and Boom decide to hide in orbit behind the dead planet (World 5) but more drama's make them land on the planet instead. They get out and are attacked by beings that look like XC - which surprise them as nothing is suppose to be living.

The story gets increasingly bloodthirsty as the events unfold, told from human, First Breed, and alien points of view. It does explain to the reader what is going on and provides an interesting picture of completely different mindsets and cultures. But.....

It is too complicated, I got lost so many times and found myslef flicking back often to try and remember who was who, where they were and what they were doing and why. Other than that it had everything else going for it - action, adventure, wonderful technology and believable characters. ( )
  sally906 | Aug 23, 2009 |
Set in the year 2153, this action-packed military sf novel involves humans teamed up with a race of quadruped servants, the First Breed, who have been genetically altered by an advanced race that has pretty much wiped itself out. Lieutenant Joel Gilmore and Boon Round, a First Breed, are doing maintenance work on surveillance equipment orbiting the SkySpy asteroid when they witness a devastating attack on the asteroid by the very aliens being watched. From there, increasingly savage events unfold from human, First Breed, and alien points of view, providing an intriguing picture of completely different mindsets and cultures. There are some awkward transitions, and readers might wish for a bit more background, but the action is convincing and so fast paced that the result is a real thriller of a story. Category: Books for Older Readers--Fiction. 2002, Random, $15.95. Gr. 7-10.
(Sally Estes (Booklist, Apr. 15, 2002 (Vol. 98, No. 16))
  epence | Nov 1, 2007 |
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In a far-distant solar system, Lieutenant Joel Gilmore and his space observation team are suddenly attacked by the very aliens they were sent to watch.

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