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Drinking Sapphire Wine por Tanith Lee
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Drinking Sapphire Wine (edição 1977)

por Tanith Lee

Séries: four-BEE (2)

MembrosCríticasPopularidadeAvaliação médiaMenções
241584,053 (3.85)9
Título:Drinking Sapphire Wine
Autores:Tanith Lee
Informação:Daw (1977), Mass Market Paperback
Colecções:A sua biblioteca
Etiquetas:Science Fiction

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Drinking Sapphire Wine por Tanith Lee

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I'm blogging about this right now! Tanith Lee is a beautiful writer addressing the hard problems of consciousness in the ancient way - through storytelling. ( )
  KimFalconer | Jan 29, 2017 |
This is the second and longer half of the story begun in Don't Bite the Sun. Calling it a sequel is as misleading as calling the 2nd and 3rd novels of the Lord of the Rings sequels. This tells the real story of the main character's quest for some form of inner fulfillment. To get there, she has to be banished from the domed city where she has wasted most of her life. While exiled to the desert, hers is no hardship tour. She's provided with robots and supplies to meet every need except human companionship. But that soon changes. Rather than being the object lesson for the citizenry that the ruling Quasi-Robots had intended, her story becomes an inspiration for the sex and drug-addled population. Where the main character was pretty much as scattered and unthinking as everyone else in Don't Bite the Sun, here she has grown in maturity, intelligence, and determination. She accumulates a community, much in the the loner Josey Wales accumulated one in the Client Eastwood film. The whining has gone. She has a real mission now and the book is the better for it. Recommended. ( )
  ChrisRiesbeck | Dec 12, 2015 |
I first read and Bite the Sun and this sequel in my teens. Tanith Lee writes so lyrically with such evocative prose of this loopy dystopic utopia in a far away post-apocalyptic future. And yes, the domed city of Four Bee is both. What do you do in a hedonistic world where everything can be and is done for you by android servants? You can even change bodies and genders. Eternal vacation--or eternal childhood. Drinking Sapphire Wine picks up the narrative where the first left off with Jang exiled from her pampered existence--but she doesn't remain alone for long. And I rather loved what it had to say about the price of staying in--or leaving--Eden. And on your own two feet. Recently a book combining both short novels was released as Biting the Sun. ( )
  LisaMaria_C | Oct 26, 2012 |
My copy is copyrighted 1977 by DAW publishing. I don't see why the only option here says 1980? Could I have a time-traveling book here?

Anyhoo, I picked this one up at a thrift store and realized that I had an autographed book. Lee's signature is, famously, "an ode to minimalism," so it's just one dramatic scrawled line through the author's name on the title page, plus the date: 1983. Nice for me, since I've collected almost all those yellow-spined paperbacks along with her later works.
  KaterinaBead | Aug 6, 2011 |
This is a sequel to Don't Bite the Sun, but it also works as a stand-alone book.
Set in the domed city of Four BEE, this tale concerns the rebellion of a Jang (teenager) who commits a crime of passion and faces exile. Far from her robot nannies, she learns to be self sufficient in the desert and attracts followers, other Jang who are tired of their perfect lives and crave the authenticity of something real. In a world where beauty is commonplace and death is a hobby (one can always suicide to get a new body, male or female) life has little meaning. The ultimate rebellion is self-sufficiency, permanence and consequences.
A fun book with good pacing, candy coated psychedelic imagery and just enough philosophy to keep it interesting, this is vintage Tanith Lee. Bonus points for the beautiful Don Maitz cover on the original Daw paperback. ( )
  ediedoll | Aug 28, 2010 |
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Lee, Tanithautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Westermayr, TonyTradutorautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado

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Drinking Sapphire Wine is the second of two novels in Tanith Lee's Series, "four-BEE" (also known in French as "Le bain des limbes"). It also appears together with the first volume, Don't Bite the Sun, under both the title Drinking Sapphire Wine and as Biting the Sun.

Please distinguish between editions of Drinking Sapphire Wine alone, and those including Don't Bite the Sun. Thank you.
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