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Batman: Year One por Frank Miller
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Batman: Year One (edição 2007)

por Frank Miller (Autor), David Mazzucchelli (Autor)

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3,508742,787 (4.15)53
The story of how Batman's career started, told in graphic novel form.
Título:Batman: Year One
Autores:Frank Miller (Autor)
Outros autores:David Mazzucchelli (Autor)
Informação:DC Comics (2007), Edition: Deluxe ed., 136 pages
Colecções:A sua biblioteca

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A more mature, slightly modernized take on Batman

I like that this Batman is fallible, vulnerable, and a little bit lost. Him Gordon has his own flaws, and is surprisingly as featured in this comic as the titular character. There are a handful of supporting characters that are interesting, but none get enough focus to be really satisfying except Catwoman, who is presented in a dignity more negative light than is typical. There are a couple other women characters that seem like they might be worth learning about, but they are treated like peripherals and only come into focus briefly when they are near one of the two important men. ( )
  wishanem | May 27, 2021 |
I guess I marked this as read but it was when I was scared to write reviews on here. (I've just accepted that I'm a cruddy reviewer and moved on.)

Going back to this after first reading it ages and ages ago (my local library had a paperback version which appeared in the YA section and then vanished shortly after I returned it), I had forgotten how Gordon-centric the story was. It's good, though - I think Miller does a good job on selling you on Gordon and Batman coming to work together (although I think he does less of a good job with the female characters - I had remembered this as being pre-nuttiness but now I think it was just warming up here).

I remembered not really liking the art when I first read it, but now I like it a lot more - it has this interesting rough quality to it that I can't really describe. Overall, the book has its rough patches, but you can see why it's such a big thing even today. ( )
  skolastic | Feb 2, 2021 |
This has never been my favorite Batman. It's not nearly as interesting that it focuses on Gordon, the art is so-so, and there are no supervillain appearances other than minimal Catwoman. But it's still an interesting take and a decent enough read. ( )
  jasonrkron | Jan 15, 2021 |
It is what it says on the tin, and it's quite good. I'm not sure what else to say, other than that Jim Gordon (before he was Commissioner) and Selina Kyle (when she became catwoman) factor into it pretty prominently. ( )
  apotheon | Dec 14, 2020 |
Miller is doing what Miller does: oppressively moody noir, larger-than-life macho men, chilling speeches and one-liners, and cool but violent action sequences. Often, when dialled to his typical eleven, that can come out as campy, crude, or self-parody. But (as often at that point in his career) this is a comic where it works. The reimagining of Batman's origin as following all established canon -- the murder of his parents, the return after the world tour of training himself, the inspiration of the bats -- yet attempting to ground it and deepend it has been so hugely influential, it almost doesn't seem groundbreaking at all. With decades-later-goggles, this just seems like Batman. But that's precisely the effect of how well done this comic was -- it's the standard now. Even the acclaimed Nolan films are explicitly and clearly inspired by the approach made here.

The artwork is great, too. Batman looks a bit too much like he's wearing the 1960s grey bodysuit to me in some panels, but everything else is perfectly conveying the gritty, depressed tone the story is going for.

So is it perfect? Well, no. It's not even among my favourite Batman stories. It's story is too basic, with nary a twist, and the outcome a known factor before you start. Some minor points, like Gordon's affair, also always rub me the wrong way (it feels a bit too much like Miller's idea of what a tormented hero cop is like, more than what Gordon is like -- but of course, this was a reimagining, so it's likely just me unfairly backwards projecting my current feel for the character). But it's entertaining, memorable, and should in particular be praised for the genious but simple idea of telling the story from the perspectives of both Gordon and Wayne, and the way these two get juxtaposed, entwined and mirrored throughout. That is by far my favourite part of this comic, and it's maintained throughout the entire miniseries. ( )
  Lucky-Loki | Dec 11, 2020 |
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Nome do autorPapelTipo de autorObra?Estado
Miller, FrankWriterautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Mazzucchelli, DavidIlustradorautor principaltodas as ediçõesconfirmado
Kidd, ChipPublication Designautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Klein, ToddLettererautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
Lewis, RichmondColoristautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
O'Neil, DennisIntroduçãoautor secundárioalgumas ediçõesconfirmado
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Gotham City. Maybe it's all I deserve, now.
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The story of how Batman's career started, told in graphic novel form.

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