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When a power surge during experimental plastic surgery turns fourteen-year-old Alison into a human flamethrower, she drops from popular Beverly Hills princess to social outcast, but with the help of a comic-loving "geek," she becomes a real-life superhero.
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Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.com

I had to seriously ponder what category to place HOTTIE into when starting my review. I opted for the easy out with "contemporary," but HOTTIE is one of those books that could easily fall under "thriller" or "action-adventure." And if necessary, "comics" could even be applied, after knowing the premise of the story.

Alison Cole seemingly has it all. She's just won the election for freshman class president. Fortunately, it helps to have a film crew following your every move in the hopes of your own TV show. Unfortunately, her two best friends, who should be celebrating with her, are secretly plotting her downfall.

When her two (supposed) best friends, Kellyn and Dorinda, convince her that she needs plastic surgery to make her face symmetrical, the procedure is interrupted during a freak storm. It isn't until Alison gets into a cat-fight at Barneys with teen brat Treasure Spinney that the result of the procedure shows itself.

Alison gets so upset that flames shoot from her fingers.

At first, Alison doesn't realize it was her fault, but after another freak event in her boyfriend's car, and finally a blow up at a nightclub, Alison starts to put two and two together. To prevent backlash, her dad and her evil step-mom, Carmen, force her into therapy. And the school decides she needs a few days off to let the bad press die down. When she returns to school, Alison discovers she's become the school's pariah.

The only person she can turn to is David Eels, a loser geek that jumped out in a superhero costumer during her presidential thank you speech. David can't believe someone like Alison would come to him, but it's the perfect combination. David is a superhero fanatic and immediately helps Alison create an alter-ego persona once he learns of her ability.

As the two form a bond and start to battle the evil in L.A., Alison and her step-mom form a tentative truce. Alison helps with plans for Carmen's Christmas Ball event. All the elite rich will be in attendance. Little does either Alison or David know that the most evil of all, that which they've dubbed "Wettie," will also be in attendance.

HOTTIE is definitely one of those books that can appeal to many audiences. With its superheroes, hot chicks, catty girls, and all the drama high school has to offer, what's not to enjoy? The book was a riot to read and a fun time all the way until the final page.

This is the type of story that leaves you whining for a sequel. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 11, 2009 |
Hottie was a fun, action-packed and funny book! I think my favorite thing was the author's way with words, the way he describes things, so funny. And he has a great talent for writing characters. From the girl that speaks with a fake French accent for fear of being overshadowed by her friend of the girl that looks like an anime character, there are some hilarious characters in this book. I have to say that I wish the main character Alison aka Hottie was a little less normal and had a few more quirks of her own, well besides her superpower of course! I also love that her best friend in the book is a total dork! And there is a great push pull between two love interests for Hottie, it's hard to tell who you want her to be with more!

At times Alison aka Hottie got a little too ditzy girl for me but overall you could tell she meant well and she had a pretty good mouth on her, especially when it came to talking back to her stepmother Carmen. Hottie is 14 but I think it would have made more sense to me if she was like 16 or something, seemed rather young for some of the things she was up to.

And as you know, I'm all about pop culture references so I love to see them. But they are also hard to do at the same time, you want to keep a book fresh and current but you also want it to last and work years down the road as well without it seeming dated. I'm not really sure where i'm going with this... but I thought this book had a good number, not like 2 but not like 200, it was a good balance.

One thing that made me stop and go HUH, was that Hottie's friends who had been there when she first noticed that flames came out of her fingers, didn't realize it was her who came in and acted as superhero later on in the book. Yes yes, she was wearing her superhero garb that time, but come on, how many girls shoot flames out of her fingers!

Overall a fun book that's a cross between some California fun and superhero antics! It seems like it might be the beginning of a series or at least a set of books so I can't wait to see where it goes and read more from this hilarious author! ( )
  mint910 | Mar 22, 2009 |
Alison Cole is the coolest girl at her Beverly Hills school. She is beatiful, popular, and even nice. After a successful run for president (sponsored by a reality show crew filming every moment), she has a lot of plans for making her high school even more awesome. But her bffs have other things in mind - they are jealous of everything Alison has and convince her to undergo unnecessary plastic surgery. During the procedure, lightning strikes the building and when she wakes up, Alison can shoot flames from her hands. It's not long before she realizes her friends have been sabotaging her, so she turns to David, the school's supergeek, for help. Together they turn her into Hottie, a smokin' superhero. But Alison still can't get past her relationship with her stepmother and David is starting to have feelings for his protege. It will take a supervillain's superscam to straighten out Alison's life, and her new alterego is just the thing she needs to boost her self-esteem. At first glance, this is the corniest book on the market. But Bernstein works all the Beverly Hills cliches to his advantage to build a super-girly superhero comedy, a la Clueless meets Spiderman. Maybe Hottie isn't for everyone, but it's not a book you can judge by its cover. ( )
  EKAnderson | Oct 6, 2008 |
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When a power surge during experimental plastic surgery turns fourteen-year-old Alison into a human flamethrower, she drops from popular Beverly Hills princess to social outcast, but with the help of a comic-loving "geek," she becomes a real-life superhero.

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