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Feather: Book One (The Feather Book Series)…
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Feather: Book One (The Feather Book Series) (edição 2009)

por Abra Ebner (Autor)

Séries: Feather (Book 1)

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555380,970 (3.47)Nenhum(a)
Love spans an eternity, at least for Edgar and Estella. As she fights to figure out her past, Estella finds something much more. There is a whole world of history about her and her complicated special life. Estella comes into her own in her first great adventure, in the life she was born to live, and die for.… (mais)
Título:Feather: Book One (The Feather Book Series)
Autores:Abra Ebner (Autor)
Informação:Crimson Oak Publishing (2009), 360 pages
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Feather (Second Edition, Fully Edited): Book One of the Feather Book Series por Abra Ebner

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I actually spent the last two minutes trying to remember what it was this book was called, and the author and everything, because my brain is already trying to forget it. I thought the premise to how the first half of the novel was set up was genius, the absence of emotion and ability, the destructive explosion of the two magnets, the background....and then the culmination of the lead-up was just so entirely lacking.

But Edgar, like most centuries old characters, gave me hope to hang on even after his spoilerific thing at the end happened. Maybe because I already had book two there waiting on me, too. ( )
  wanderlustlover | Jul 24, 2013 |
I found this book while surfing the kindle store on amazon and the cover caught my eye, id never heard of it before but decided id take a chance. I'm glad i did. A very emotional read. Abra Ebner has a way of writing where the style reflects the emotions of Estella. When Estella is feeling isolated and alone her writing takes on an almost clinical feel, but as the book progresses and Estella begins connecting and reaching out her writing becomes more personal and emotional. This really helps to pull you inside the characters and experience right along with them. The mythology she built for her angels is completly different from any ive read before. A beautiful love story and all around awesome book, cant wait to read the sequel. Feather gets 5 out of 5! ( )
  Tristan_Bruce | Dec 28, 2011 |
I enjoyed reading this book. I know that many have complained about the errors they found in the book, however, to me those errors seem to be normal typos which were easy to ignore. I liked the idea presented in the book about to people sharing one soul. I love Edgar and how he is intense one moment and then relaxed the next. I recommend you give this book a try. The characters are likable and slightly mysterious and the writing is simple and the mistakes do not take away from the story at all. ( )
  DeeDee10 | Nov 4, 2010 |
I won't bother posting all the beginnings to each of the books, it would take too much space and I tend to be wordy. This is an older series and may have been reviewed to death previously, but here's my take on it. In Feather, I really didn't feel a connection to either of the main characters and felt that the drama or the danger could have been played up a lot more. Instead it took up a few pages. The end. I had no problem figuring out who the cat was from the start. And I didn't feel any chemistry between Elle and Edgar.

In Guardian, I felt more connection between Elle and Sam than I ever felt between Elle and Edgar. And where was this so called use of anything your afraid of they'll use against you. I was expecting Edgar to be in precarious situations on their journey all through their journey to find him, but other than hearing his voice from the Griffin's mouth, seeing him in the painting and then rolled in vines, none of it seemed terribly traumatic. I will say Elle's reaction to what happened to him at the end of book one was realistic, but that was about it.

In Raven, I was so tired of the touches and glances, I was about to put the book down. In a millenium they never had sex? Please. And the timing was a little off for 3 days and her to get morning sickness. I couldn't understand the Heidi part. Had she kept all the "Wiccans"? And couldn't a better name have been found the Others would have been better than that. The only time I felt any emotion was when Elle found out what she'd have to do to be with Edgar again. And then I did actually get teary eyed at the very end when Sam and Edgar took her back.

And then there is the page with the beginning with Sam's story. Is the author going to write another book? Now I'm hooked into the series. I want to know what happened. I think Raven was the best book of the three. Maybe the author's writing improved as she went along, as expected, but the proofreader didn't. There were a few gramatical mistakes, but I'm not perfect either. ( )
  hrose2931 | Sep 28, 2010 |
Love this book I rank it up there with the Twilight series. The difference, Ravens, Wiccans, and magic. You just can't beat that. Edgar is so hansome and Elle so beautiful. What a magical world they are in. ( )
  whtevrusayisok | Apr 15, 2010 |
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Feather (Book 1)
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Love spans an eternity, at least for Edgar and Estella. As she fights to figure out her past, Estella finds something much more. There is a whole world of history about her and her complicated special life. Estella comes into her own in her first great adventure, in the life she was born to live, and die for.

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