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Worldshaker por Richard Harland
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Worldshaker (2009)

por Richard Harland

Séries: Worldshaker (book 1)

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3351357,633 (3.5)9
Sixteen-year-old Col Porpentine is being groomed as the next Commander of Worldshaker, a juggernaut where elite families live on the upper decks while the Filthies toil below, but when he meets Riff, a Filthy girl on the run, he discovers how ignorant he is of his home and its residents.
Autores:Richard Harland
Informação:Publisher Unknown
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Worldshaker por Richard Harland (2009)

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While published ten years ago, this story hasn't shown any sign of aging. I don't read a lot of steampunk, but this really appealed to me. I like the cast of characters, the subtle nastiness exhibited by many in Col's social circle, how he and Riff meet and are drawn to each other, the way the ship is constructed and, best of all, the action that takes place. I will look for more by this author. ( )
  sennebec | May 24, 2020 |
Interesting book. I'm not sure if this really gets four stars. Four is too much, but three are not enough.
It's obvious while reading that this book is adressed to young readers, some bits are pretty predictable. This didn't lessen my enjoyment of the book. And there are issues adressed that will keep me thinking about it for a few days. ( )
  KalessinAstarno | Nov 4, 2016 |
I read this when I was quite young but I did really enjoy it.

It's Young Adult, and it's about two kids who are living on a huge airship, and it's presented as a microcosm of the United Kingdom.

I really liked it because this author actually presented issues of class and gender and those relationships in quite a thoughtful way. It felt like a mature book to me, and I appreciated the idea that just because it's a Young Adult novel, doesn't mean it can't be serious or present big ideas.

This was my first real steampunk novel and I absolutely love the setting. The airship becomes a character as well and it's just cool to see how the environment interacts with and informs the characters.

The sci-fi element of this book wasn't too unfamiliar to me and it had a historical element that I was familiar with. Overall if you like sci-fi, steampunk, YA historical novels with a little bit of seriousness, you might really like this book. c: ( )
  lydia1879 | Aug 31, 2016 |
Col Porpentine is the heir apparent for Worldshaker, a massive steamship ruled over by his grandfather and figureheads Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Built 150 years ago in 1845, Worldshaker is a massive ship, powered by steam engines run by the lowest of the low – the Filthies. Read the rest of the review on my blog: http://shouldireaditornot.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/worldshaker-richard-harland/ ( )
  ShouldIReadIt | Sep 26, 2014 |
Brilliant, this book had me hooked from start to finish, While some of the plot was predictable other parts made me gasp. Well worth reading if you like dystopian novels. This is set aboard a juggernaut (huge zeppelin type craft) a huge ship in which the elites live on the top decks while the Filthies toil below. The elites have menials (servants ) who tend to their every need as they go about life living aboard this oversize cruise ship. They are oblivious to the havoc that they are creating to the environment outside of the juggernaut as well as below decks. Then it all changes as the Filthies begin to revolt, led by Riff who is accompanied by Col, the grandson of the elite Supreme Commander. Brilliant vivid writing that is relevant to today's world and the havoc that humans are creating upon earth. ( )
  rata | Dec 22, 2013 |
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Worldshaker (book 1)
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Sixteen-year-old Col Porpentine is being groomed as the next Commander of Worldshaker, a juggernaut where elite families live on the upper decks while the Filthies toil below, but when he meets Riff, a Filthy girl on the run, he discovers how ignorant he is of his home and its residents.

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