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Babar and His Children (1938)

por Jean de Brunhoff

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Séries: Babar (6)

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5921129,744 (3.78)3
With the birth of triplets, King Babar and Queen Celeste experience the pleasures and pains of parenthood.
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  pszolovits | Feb 3, 2021 |
It's the illustrations that really make these books. I could not fail to enjoy the deadpan treatment of the children's predicaments. The baby elephant is accommodated in a squirrel hole when he is ejected from his pram and hurled over a cliff. That is truly remarkable. ( )
  themulhern | Jun 2, 2019 |
In this fantasy picture book, Babar and his wife, Celeste have triplets. It is a joy throughout the village and everyone comes by to grant the family luck and happiness. Between getting caught in treetops and being chases by a crocodile, the three children keep Babar on his toes. This book is great for couples becoming parents soon. The illustrations are very realistic and simple. Simple colors were used and it was nice and neat. The text is usually long amounts on each page and the book is very long. A teacher can use this book not just for students who love babies, but parents who are expecting. It's a heartwarming salute to parenthood. ( )
  sherr3084796 | Dec 3, 2015 |
This children's book is not one of my favorites. I think it is very long, and a little creepy. The story moves on very quickly and many things happen within the book. In this book, he prepares for the birth of his new child, but ends up with three. Then they aren't growing faster enough, and later one gets thrown over the edge of a hill and stuck in a tree. It is just plain weird. It is possible i don't like it because it is an older book, but I would not read it to my students. ( )
  tnelson12 | Nov 3, 2015 |
Royal pachyderms Babar and Celeste become parents to triplets in this sixth original Babar picture-book from Jean de Brunhoff, originally published in 1938 as Babar en famille. As Babar paces and frets, finally going on a bicycle ride, the queen delivers not one, not two, but three little elephants, much to the joy of Babar, and all the other residents of Celesteville. Naming their offspring Alexander, Pom and Flora, the proud parents embark on an adventure of a different kind, finding that keeping their little ones safe - from rattles, cliffs and alligators - is a full-time job. Still, as Babar observes at the end, "how nice the babies are! I wouldn't know how to get along without them any more..."

I found this entry in the series quite amusing, although I suspect that this was not the intent of its creator. Some of the parenting issues felt rather outdated to me (not surprising given the publication date), but then, I also found some of the adventures rather sweet. The artwork is charming, as usual - I find de Brunhoff's stylized elephants quite appealing, visually speaking - and there is nothing to offend, as there was in The Travels of Babar. I'm still not a great Babar fan, but Babar and His Children, along with its direct predecessor, Babar and Zephir, seems like one of the better offerings, when it comes to this character. ( )
1 vote AbigailAdams26 | Apr 26, 2013 |
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With the birth of triplets, King Babar and Queen Celeste experience the pleasures and pains of parenthood.

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