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Cyclist BikeList: The Book for Every Rider

por Laura Robinson

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A guide to bicycles and bicycling discusses the history of bicycles, their parts, different types, and choosing the right one; bicycling safety and clothing; bicycle maintenance; and famous cyclists.
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I am not a professional or even avid cyclist by any stretch. More an infrequent bike rider on sidewalks, through my neighborhood. That said, this informative book on bicycling, geared towards children is a simple, handy volume for early cyclers. Colorful pictures (graphic novel-ish) and simple wording cover everything from what type of bicycle to buy (go for something that is cheaper and more versatile as they are still growing) to basic nutritional information. There are even some sprinkles of bicycle history as well as helpful bike-riding tidbits. Did you know you can stick newspaper in your shirt to act as a makeshift windbreaker? Give this book to kids who have just taken off the training wheels and are showing enthusiasm for this wonderful form of exercise. ( )
  TZacek | Mar 19, 2012 |
Who doesn’t remember the first time they set flight on a bicycle without the assistance of training wheels, or a parents protective grip? The feeling of confidence and sheer joy that I felt at this milestone moment in my life has not been easily matched since.

Although children don’t ride bikes in the numbers nor the frequency that they used to prior to this age of technology, Cyclist BikeList could be just the type of book to inspire young riders to get out there and explore what excitement and adventure a bicycle in the outdoors has to offer.

To show just how far we’ve come with the technology of the bicycle, this informative book begins with the course of its evolution. Playful illustrations show us the bikes humble beginnings as a pedal-less, wooden device back in 1817 to its safer and much improved current form almost two hundred years later.

For the technically inclined, there is a detailed diagram used to show the various parts that make up a modern bicycle, while the ins and outs of bicycle engineering are also outlined as it is explained how a bicycle works via the combination of its parts and their specific mechanics.

Riding tips are found in the text, or through an illustrated character’s conversation bubbles as asides throughout. There are elaborate instructions on how to change gears properly, as well as little things, like, that you should “always pedal with the ball of your foot for maximum efficiency.”

Parents will appreciate the advice on how to shop for a bike, how riders can stay safe while riding, and what the important legal requirements are regarding helmets, signaling and the obeying of traffic signs. Since this is a Canadian book, most of the information provided is surrounding Canadian laws, but is still useful to any cyclist looking to keep safe. One would be wise to check out their local laws regarding cycling regardless of where you live, as regulations can change and need to be stayed on top of.

As well as extensive checklists detailing the essentials needed, there are instructional sections on how to dress appropriately for safety, comfort and hygiene, and what accessories are required for different types and lengths of bike rides.

As well as an extensive chapter on how to maintain your bicycle, there is another on how to help the rider maintain their health, and what it takes to properly fuel the body. The author breaks down the importance of complex carbs, protein and other crucial vitamins and nutrients, as well as addressing a cyclist’s need to eat and stay well hydrated while riding, in order to keep energy levels up.

Cyclist BikeList is the perfect blend of history, mechanics, safety and inspiration. Although I have seen some websites recommend it for 7-9 year olds, I find it to be geared (no pun intended) more towards the 9-12 year old. That being said, this is a beautifully illustrated and colourful reference material that will keep any cycling-minded child, teen or adult reading right through to the last page.

One thing I think this book could have used was a glossary of terms at the back, as I am certain that most children don’t know the meaning of ‘pneumatic’ or ‘centrifugal.’ On the other had, this may encourage a child to take a moment to look the words up, which is always helpful to a growing vocabulary. Strangely, there were some instances where the definition of a tough word was provided in parenthesis after it was used, like in the case of ‘metallurgy,’ I’m just not sure how some words missed this special attention.

Cyclist BikeList has a wealth of information and not only is it the perfect reference guide for a child doing a project on ‘the bicycle,’ it could be an important factor in choosing the right bike for a new rider, or helpful to an experienced rider planning an extended cycling trip.

I would definitely recommend this book to others, and I’m excited to be able to add it to my collection.

Check out more of my reviews at www.booksnakereviews.blogspot.com
  PamelaReads | Aug 5, 2011 |
Esta crítica foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Críticos do LibraryThing.
This book is a comprehensive resource for children ready to get into biking. This isn't for beginning bikers, but, rather for those interested in biking as a hobby. I liked the way that it touched on many aspects of biking. Additional resources would be needed for more information in any one area (nutrition, equipment, etc.), but it is a great start. Good expository text features are included. I am a fifth grade teacher, and this book was picked up by several children. The only negative I have is that it seems somewhat disjointed. ( )
  AmyTF | Mar 14, 2011 |
Esta crítica foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Críticos do LibraryThing.
Cyclist BikeList is a general reference book geared toward children (aged 10-15, I would guess)
who are interested in delving into cycling. It covers many of the aspects of cycling which a novice cyclist
would need to know: history of biking and famous cyclists, the parts of a bike, how to choose a bike,
bike safety and maintaining a bike. While a non-fiction book, the layout seems like it would be very
appealing to a young reader: colorful illustrations and photos, short chapters, helpful cartoon-type hints.
I'm a sort of a "return" novice adult biker and I found the information enlightening. The section on gear ratios
did make my eye glaze over a bit (esp. since my new bike is a simple 3-speed automatic for the very reason
that I do not like to use gear shifters:-) and might be too technical for a 10-year old, but it is useful background
information. I especially liked the section on the history behind the creation of the modern bicycle. ( )
1 vote deslivres5 | Jul 3, 2010 |
Esta crítica foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Críticos do LibraryThing.
Great illustrations with useful text. This book is geared to children in middle school and older but may be accessible for those in 5th grade. Robinson's book is a nice survey of cycling and repairs but sadly lacks any real depth. Despite that it could be the right amount of fuel to ignite a child's interest to learn more on the topic. ( )
  jreinhart | Jul 3, 2010 |
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A guide to bicycles and bicycling discusses the history of bicycles, their parts, different types, and choosing the right one; bicycling safety and clothing; bicycle maintenance; and famous cyclists.

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