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Um homem apaixonado: A minha luta 2 (2009)

por Karl Ove Knausgård

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Séries: A minha luta (2)

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1,0294315,144 (4.2)75
"A six-volume work of fiction by the Norwegian author, Karl Ove Knausgaard"--
  1. 00
    A Life's Work: On Becoming a Mother por Rachel Cusk (JuliaMaria)
  2. 00
    A Time for Everything por Karl Ove Knausgård (JuliaMaria)
    JuliaMaria: Das Ringen um den Roman "Alles hat seine Zeit" wird im autobiografischen Werk "Lieben" beschrieben.
  3. 00
    Welcome to America por Linda Boström Knausgård (JuliaMaria)
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I'm torn between taking part in the backlash against the Knausgaard hype--because, let's be honest, there are plenty of authors more deserving of front page attention from every newspaper, magazine and website with 'New York' in the title--and trying to get in early on the revisionism to the backlash, by pointing out that although Knausgaard is not Proust or Woolf, nor is he trying to be, and it's not his fault that every newspaper, magazine and website with 'New York' in the title decided to put him on their cover at the same moment. Frankly, the idea that any serious author could possibly drum up that level of support before s/he is dead is rather heartening.

Which will it be, I wonder, backlash or revisionism-to-the-backlash? Probably more backlash, I admit, but while lashing back I will try to remember that, read on its own terms rather than in the context of Knausgaard-is-the-new-black rhetoric, this book is an ideal airplane novel. In fact, Knausgaard's real achievement is probably that he's written a book that compels you to turn the pages, while also not being a complete idiot. If contemporary literture is any guide, that puts him in a class of one.

On the other hand, I'm more than a little concerned that the book is so readable just because it makes the life I (and probably most of his other readers) lead seem epic and worthy of attention. That makes me feel a warm glow. I recognize the things that Karl Ove goes through in the book. I relate to him.

Karl Ove Knausgaard, in short, turns me into a high school senior, reading only books in which the main character looks, feels, talks and acts like the reader him or herself. I look forward to finishing the series and writing an essay or review: "Karl Ove Knausgaard is More Dangerous to Literature than Harry Potter."

More seriously: Knausgaard is a literary existentialist who knows that i) he's a literary existentialist and ii) knows that being a literary existentialist is more than a little silly. He very self-consciously flips back and forth between his Holderlin mood (oh world! how beauteous thou art!) and his Bernhard mood (fuck off). He is ultra-individualistic, and recognizes that this causes him problems and pain, but can't quite break out of it. This level of reflection raises this volume far above the first, and gives me reason to keep reading. No mean feat.

It helps that his friend Geir is a total champion, and that Knausgaard is willing to let another voice provide some context on his (the author's) life. I hope for more Geir to come. ( )
  stillatim | Oct 23, 2020 |
Took a while to get into it and I left it aside after around 100 pages for almost 2 months, but was hooked again after the break. For better or worse, I've never read an author who so perfectly captures how I see the world. ( )
  arewenotben | Jul 31, 2020 |
It was good, but I can't read another one of these.

The first volume held me spellbound. While still weighty in comparison with many other books, it felt lean, with no fluff. Every discursion served the novel in the end. Unfortunately, it's not so for the second.

For whatever reason, in the second volume Knausgård seems to have lost his razor sharp focus on theme. While the text itself is enjoyable to read, the deeper connection between events is just missing for me. It's like this. The sacred in the mundane is a very Knausgårdian feature. He achieved it here, but in fits and starts. What I couldn't stand were the absolutely banal passages [see pg. 430 below] that neither served as a peak moment nor as groundwork towards future peaks.

What's more, this book was decently longer than the first. I can only suspend judgment for so long, and the style of the series demands suspension of payoff- through long sections that diverge from the points of the previous section. And all this is exacerbated by the lack of chapters. Yes, it's just text and story from start to finish, 660 pages of it in a row.

And in the end, it feels like it's not about anything at all. I feel like some people say that's the point of these books, but the first volume was clearly about the juxtaposition of death and growing up. It had a strong vision that volume two lacks.

On the whole, I cannot imagine wading through 4 more similarly sized books of this. What I've written above may sound like I hated the book, but I liked it for what it is. Still, I've gotta be done now. But I'm still really interested to see what his other (non My Struggle) works are like. Maybe i'll grab Autumn next.

[pg. 430: (don't worry, this spoils absolutely nothing)

My mobile rang in my pocket. I took it and looked at the display. Yngve.
'Hi?' I said.
'Hi,' he answered. 'How's it going?'
'Fine. How about you?'
'Yep, fine.'
'Good. Yngve, we're about to go into a cafe. Can I ring you later? This afternoon some time? Or was there something in particular?'
'No, nothing. We can talk later.'
I put the mobile back in my pocket.
'That was Yngve,' I said.
'Is he all right?' Linda asked.
I shrugged.
'I don't know. But I'll call him afterwards.'

(All that apropos of nothing, for nothing's sake. Really.)] ( )
  jakebornheimer | Mar 27, 2019 |
Denser than the first volume, but the banality of detail is still mesmerizing. It's possible he overthinks things, but it makes way better reading than the masses who write when they're underthinking. ( )
  asxz | Mar 13, 2019 |
I wandered beneath the sun-dappled shade from the trees, surrounded by the warm fragrances of the forest, thinking that I was in the middle of my life. Not life as an age, not halfway along life’s path, but in the middle of my existence. My heart trembled.

Rather late in this volume, Karl Ove reflects on ascribing a utility to literature especially fiction. He confesses a desire to read only essays and diaries at the moment. [all the verbs and gerunds need to be qualified in this endeavor (My Struggle, as opposed to my reviews thereof), that will be self evident to those familiar with the enterprise. The specificity does strike me as artifice, unlike say the project of Jacques Roubaud.] If that is the case his accounts of reading appear more towards the modernist or late 19C novel, particularly in the Russian approaches.

There is something electric and narcotic in this prose. That’s a remarkable feat given the attention to smoke breaks. I found myself lighting my pipe for the first time in years yesterday in empathy. It was most natural to finish the second volume out here on the porch this morning. Knausgård appears to crave such solitude. Lovely cool weather has arrived after a daylong deluge which took me away from Karl Ove and some delicious Berlin Sour ale last night to aid our struggling sub pump. I did think of his work while carrying buckets of water out to the alley.

I have never been one for completing entire series of books. My caprice governs. My gaze typically wanders. My inner Augie March. That is not the case at present. Opening the third installment as soon as possible. ( )
  jonfaith | Feb 22, 2019 |
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29 juli 2008 / Het is een lange zomer geweest en hij is nog steeds niet voorbij. Op 26 juni had ik het eerste deel van mijn romancyclus af en sindsdien, al meer dan een maand, zijn Vanja en Heidi thuis van de crèche met alles wat dat aan dagelijkse drukte met zich meebrengt.
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"A six-volume work of fiction by the Norwegian author, Karl Ove Knausgaard"--

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