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Darkest Mercy

por Melissa Marr

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Séries: Wicked Lovely (5)

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The political and romantic tensions that began when Aislin became Summer Queen threaten to boil over as the Faerie Courts brace against the threat of all-out war.
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A wonderful, pitch-perfect ending to this great faerie series. I was left with the perfect mixture of sadness that it was over and joy that I was leaving the story satisfied that everything was going to work out all right.

After months of bloodshed, betrayal, and power shifts, the faerie courts are at last ready to enter into pitched battle with the mad queen of Discord, Bananach. There have been too many deaths, too many divided courts, and too many torn monarchs; something has to give. And lots of things do give in this novel...but that doesn't mean that their breaking is a bad thing.

The Summer King Keenan is searching for allies and preparing to lay down an ultimatum that will change his court forever, while his queen Aislinn struggles to inhabit the mantle of a true Summer ruler. Once-mortal Seth is pulled in every direction, realizing for the first time what being so many things to different courts truly entails. The Winter Queen Donia tries desperately to veil her emotions under a mask of frost as her season of power wanes. The former Dark King Irial lies mortally wounded, and Niall is slipping closer to madness without his court's balance.

Melissa Marr's wide and varied cast of characters all return, to my delight, to own the stage for this final conflict. All their personalities, relationships, alliances, loves, powers, and loyalties are showcased to the fullest, making you realize how intricate everything and everyone that's been building up this entire series really is.

And yes, some would probably argue that the ending "wrapped up too neatly", but I felt this was thoroughly a case of the characters earning their happy endings. I was smiling ear-to-ear throughout the last few pages as the characters I'd grown to love and admire were rewarded for their struggles and heartache...and it was well-written and believable to boot. Great close to the series. ( )
  booksong | Mar 18, 2020 |
my heart just wasn't into this book, I think things could've gone differently but as how they went I guess is acceptable for the end of the series. ( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
This was a nice wrap up to the crazy faerie stories. There was lots of fighting and come-uppance. ( )
  cindywho | May 27, 2019 |
I have mixed emotions about this series. I like the faery part and the different courts are cool. The first book I really enjoyed, but they kind of went downhill from there. There were a lot of MCs and the books shifted between narrators a lot. One character gets a lot of page time in one book and then isn't in the next book at all. It's a bit all over the place and the overall plot is muddled. There are a lot of rules in the faery world which made seemingly easy things really difficult. Like, there's a character who keeps killing faeries but they can't just kill them, because there will be all these repercussions. But then there's loopholes if certain things happen? I don't know. I was happy with how things wrapped up and who was with who. ( )
  AlyP59 | Apr 25, 2019 |
I must say, I liked how this book worked out. I had some doubts coming into it, i.e. "Seth, if you die, i'll be very mad..." but somehow, miraculously, EVERYTHING worked out. EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. I didn't expect that.
Niall went kinda crazy, they all got super mad, someone died, but managed to avoid death, Leslie came back, and pretty much every character we'd seen in the series previously had a role in this book. the only characters that didn't have a role in this book were the ones from Radiant Shadows, which made me sad :( as i liked Ani, Devlin, and Rae and wished we could more adventures with them.
all in all, though, it was a rather awesome book, and a fitting conclusion of the series.
( )
  Monica_P | Nov 22, 2018 |
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Niall walked through the ruins of the tattoo shop.
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The political and romantic tensions that began when Aislin became Summer Queen threaten to boil over as the Faerie Courts brace against the threat of all-out war.

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