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Infinite Days (Vampire Queen) por Rebecca…
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Infinite Days (Vampire Queen) (edição 2010)

por Rebecca Maizel

Séries: Vampire Queen (1)

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63913135,094 (3.8)24
At a New England boarding school, Lenah Beaudonte tries to act like a normal sixteen-year-old although she was, before a hundred-year hibernation, a centuries-old vampire queen whose bloodthirsty, abandoned coven is seeking her.
Título:Infinite Days (Vampire Queen)
Autores:Rebecca Maizel
Informação:St. Martin's Griffin (2010), Paperback, 336 pages
Coleções:A sua biblioteca, Em leitura, Para ler

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Infinite Days por Rebecca Maizel

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So, I find vampires interesting. But I love things like Interview with the Vampire, and Let the Right One In, not like the romance teen Twilight style. I am not going to bash Twilight because I do like it for what it is, a fun read. But that being said, the whole teen falls in love with a sparkly, moody, abusive, pedophile vampire is only something you can read once before your tired of it. But I do find vampire mythology and such interesting and this one seemed to be a bit different.

It was and it wasn't.

The things I liked about this novel: the main character Lenah was an evil vampire who found a way to turn herself human. But in her vamp days she was ruthless, she killed for fun, she was a monster, all normal vamp things. I liked the flashbacks to her vamp days, honestly I wish there had been more of them....

It was well written, a quick read and fun. All things I was looking for at the moment.

No my problems with it: The human stuff was total typical teen romance angst crap. The romance was you know, 'oh I just meet this boy and there is some mysterious aura about him, and I think he is so handsome and he loves me too and now were dating and totally in love and we've known each other for two whole months!!'

It wasn't bad, it just wasn't special. Its apparently going to be a series, or at least a few more books, I probably won't go out of my way to read it, but if I happen to come across it I would be interested to see where it goes. ( )
  banrions | Dec 7, 2021 |
Ahem. Look at the cover. It does say 'a novel' does it not?
Call me crazy, but I was under the impression that a Novel meant one. As in one book. As in, there is a complete story contained within these pages. No sequels. No series. just this one.
And see, it WAS a complete story. The ending was an ending that was satisfactory. Maybe it didn't end the way I would have wanted it to, but there was an end, the story was complete. But I my mom was shopping. I was just sitting there in the store. I hadn't brought another book with me. So I went to read the last couple pages at the back. Which were what?
(Note: I DO have the sequel on hold at the library now)

The Plot: 4/5
Interesting enough. There were two halves of the plot, which could pretty well divided if you put a marker in the halfway point of this book.
The first half was all about our MC, Lenah, adjusting to human life and falling in love (with the WRONG person, I might add) The second half involved the other vampires coming after her.
I liked the second half better, suffice to say, but overall, it was good.

The Characters: 4/5
Rhode: I really wish we’d seen more of him in this book. So I’m glad that we’ll supposedly see more of him in the second book But for the five pages we saw of him, and Lenah’s flashbacks of him, he seemed like a really actually decent guy.
Lenah: Well, what can I say? She made some bad choices. Those choices have led her to where she is. She was an evil vampire, she coerced her BFF/Brother/lover figure to turn her into a human. Then she made some (in my opinion) pretty lousy choices as a human. You get what you got. Too bad.
Justin: there was one point in this book, where I believe he was paraphrasing Lenah, and he used ‘reprehensible.’ I just chuckled. “That’s a rather large word for a jock, don’t you think?” I said. Yes, I know that’s stereotypical. No, I don’t care. Because I still don’t think I like him. There was one point when I THOUGHT I might like him, but then he ruined it the very next page, so there you have it.
Tony: Oh, Tony! HE figured it out! He figured it out, Lenah!!! And then you just—you just—Ah! I an’t believe you, Lenah! (I obviously liked Tony) And let me tell you, if this turns out to be another Penn situation for me, then I’ll—I’ll—I’ll implode, I will!

The Romance: 3/5
As I said, I didn’t really like Justin. I did, however, like Rhode. And I enjoyed Vicken’s particular character development. He reminded me in some ways of Incy from Immortal Beloved.

Overall Grade: 11/15
( )
  Monica_P | Nov 22, 2018 |
I really liked this book until the end, the end completely sucked :). I didn't know it was a series so maybe the second book will fix the ending I so hated. ( )
  SA_Jane | Feb 18, 2017 |
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I won this book in the early readers. I loved it! They are 'teens' and there is a little bit of high school drama to it. But I truly feel it is a storyline that can be enjoyed by teens and adults (as I am 33). These are not sparkly vampires! I really enjoyed the return to the traditional vampire rules. And it is complete with a story twist at the end. Looking forward to book #2!! ( )
  rhrh319 | Jul 5, 2014 |
All'inizio mi sembrava una banale storia di vampiri...si carina la storia del rituale per tornare umana, ma niente di che...
Poi non so come ma Lenah mi è entrata nelle vene è ho capito cosa voleva farmi capire!Amava così tanto la vita e ne apprezzava ogni cosa tanto da rinunciare all'immortalità per lei.
Nonostante sia stata crudele e spietata si è riscattata più di quanto farebbe un umano per rimediare ai propri errori.
Ogni personaggio si è legato a me indissolubilmente, Tony, Justin, Viktor, Rhode...ognuno di loro è stato speciale in qualche modo e sicuramente leggerò il seguito!!! ( )
  Emanuela.Booklove | Oct 6, 2013 |
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At a New England boarding school, Lenah Beaudonte tries to act like a normal sixteen-year-old although she was, before a hundred-year hibernation, a centuries-old vampire queen whose bloodthirsty, abandoned coven is seeking her.

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