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Myrren's Gift (2003) 848 exemplares
Blood and Memory (2004) 589 exemplares
Bridge of Souls (2004) 538 exemplares
Odalisque (2005) 471 exemplares
Betrayal (2001) 364 exemplares
Royal Exile (2008) 323 exemplares
Emissary (2006) 300 exemplares
Revenge (2002) 284 exemplares
Destiny (2002) 278 exemplares
Goddess (2007) 262 exemplares
Tyrant's Blood (2009) 198 exemplares
King's Wrath (2010) 152 exemplares
The Lavender Keeper (2012) 107 exemplares
The Pearl Thief (2018) 104 exemplares
The Whisperer (2009) 100 exemplares
The French Promise (2013) 74 exemplares
Bye Bye Baby (2007) 74 exemplares
The Scrivener's Tale (2012) 70 exemplares
The Diamond Hunter (2019) 58 exemplares
Nightingale (2014) 54 exemplares
Beautiful Death (2009) 54 exemplares
Tapestry (2014) 54 exemplares
The Spy's Wife (2021) 52 exemplares
The Tailor's Girl (2013) 52 exemplares
The tea gardens (2017) 51 exemplares
The Chocolate Tin (2016) 48 exemplares
Fields of Gold (2010) 47 exemplares
The Champagne War (2020) 42 exemplares
The Perfumer's Secret (2015) 37 exemplares
The Last Dance (2015) 36 exemplares
Mirror Man (2021) 30 exemplares
The Orphans (2022) 24 exemplares
Dead Tide (DCI Jack Hawksworth) (2023) 23 exemplares
The Sugar Palace (2023) 14 exemplares
Foul Play (2024) 11 exemplares
Severo's Intent (2007) 8 exemplares
The Rumpelgeist (2012) 7 exemplares
The Wolf's Lair (2007) 7 exemplares
King of the Beasts (2007) 7 exemplares
Saxten's Secret (2007) 6 exemplares
On the Scent of Perfume (2015) 1 exemplar


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The Chocolate Tin is a historical fiction by prolific Australian author Fiona McIntosh set in the 1910s in York. The heroine is rich upper-class girl Alexandra Frobisher whose mother is determined to marry her off as soon as the war is over. Alex wants to make a life of her own and has a dream to work in the Yorkshire Rowntree chocolate factory and then set up a business of her own.

The gallant and charming Matthew Britten-Jones enters the story with an intriguing marriage proposal; not one of love and romance but providing an escape for Alex from her societal role and expectations and guaranteeing her the independence and career she craves. A whimsical note Alex puts into a Christmas chocolate box making its way to the front brings the dashing Captain Harry Blakeney into the story bringing a host of unexpected feelings and complications with him.

This was a pleasant light read, somewhat melodramatic for my taste with some fairly one-dimensional characters and with an insta-romance with no build up to it. 3.5 stars for me.
… (mais)
mimbza | 1 outra crítica | Apr 17, 2024 |
This is the 5th in this series.

I read the first in 2008, BYE BYE BABY, when the author had decided to use pseudonym Lauren Crow for her crime fiction titles. It was republished under the name Fiona McIntosh in 2013.

Since then there have been a further 3 in the series which I have not read.

Since all 5 titles have the same central characters, there is considerable back story which I am not familiar with. There are some references (and details) in this novel to what has gone before, and probably enough to allow you to read FOUL PLAY as a stand-alone.

Jack Hawksworth has been warned by his commanding officer more than once about mixing his private and professional lives and once again he ignores this warning to the detriment of someone he is using and whom he has promised to protect. Although both Hawksworth and his offsider Kate are supposed to be at the top of their game, they are in many ways unlovely personalities and their actions did affect the way I eventually felt about the book.
… (mais)
smik | Mar 29, 2024 |
"The Orphans" was one of Fiona McIntosh’s better novels. It was her first all-Australian book and I loved the historical setting of South Australia in the 1930s. I found the history of undertaking and shearing fascinating, especially the business of preparing the deceased before burial. True to form, the author has done her research giving rich detail about fashion, class issues, transport, morals and gender expectations.

The fact that Fleur was her father’s assistant in the family funeral home and wanted to be South Australia’s first female mortician provided a unique storyline. She believed women could bring sensibilities that men couldn’t when a loved one had passed, especially a child. I loved how she spoke to the deceased while preparing their body for burial while compassionately dealing with those in mourning.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Fleur and Tom, and their backstories growing up. However, Fleur’s stepmother was a witch.

Overall, I found "The Orphans" to be a captivating and educational read.
… (mais)
HeatherLINC | Dec 8, 2023 |
The second book in the series definitely kept my interest and moved the story along at a good pace. I didn't know what I thought I knew from the first book, which is great! On to the last book in the series!
PurplOttr | 6 outras críticas | Dec 1, 2023 |



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