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Jan 11, 2011
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The William Morris Sixth Form LRC (Learning Resource Centre) supports the teaching and learning needs of students and staff at the UK's first 16-19 School, The William Morris Sixth Form, London.

The Learning Resource Centre, in liaison with subject teachers, works towards achieving the following objectives:

1. To aid students performance and develop their attitudes and capabilities as life long learners through the delivery of library induction and focused information literacy teaching. [1,5]

2. To demonstrate that LRC information literacy teaching is of good quality, and demonstrates awareness of sound pedagogical practice. [3,1]

3. To provide information resources, service provision and accommodation of an adequate quality to support student and staff needs. [4]

4. To actively promote students’ reading for recreational and educational purposes. [1]

5. To systematically evaluate LRC performance in line with whole Sixth Form self evaluation, providing robust evidence of improvement in LRC resource levels, usage and service impact on student learning. [7]

6. To provide effective management, training, and opportunity for LRC staff. [7]

7. To enable students to develop a range of desirable qualities such as consideration for others, politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence. [2]

Numerals in brackets represent one or more of the seven key OFSTED questions.

OFSTED (2003) Inspecting schools: framework for inspecting schools
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Accessed 07.07.05

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