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Good Different

por Meg Eden Kuyatt

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Seventh-grader Selah Godfrey knows that to be "normal" she has to keep her feelings tightly controlled when people are around, but after hitting a fellow student, she needs to figure out just what makes her different--and why that is ok. Told in verse.
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    Rules por Cynthia Lord (morgan314)
    morgan314: This book is about a girl who's brother is autistic (like Selah) and her rules that she makes up for him
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Gr 5 Up—Selah's rules for being normal have always protected her, but when things become too much and she
lashes out, she has to confront her differences. This novel in verse opens a door into the experience of living with
autism, both the challenges and the joys.
  BackstoryBooks | Apr 1, 2024 |
Selah (SAY-LUH) is a seventh grader at Pebblecreek, a private school she has attended her whole life, but it has grown and had administrative turnover and this year is different: it's harder to keep the Normal mask on, and Selah does not ask for or receive the accommodations that could help her. When she and her friend Noelle attend a fantasy con, though, Selah meets people who help her understand herself better, and she becomes a better advocate for herself. One teacher at school supports Selah, encouraging her to write poetry to express herself, while another teacher takes away the sensory items that help. Selah's mom and grandpa (Pop) also seem to be on the autism spectrum, though all three are undiagnosed until Selah pushes for an evaluation for herself; then, her mom goes with her to the school to fight for the accommodations she needs. Selah's poetry has an effect on her classmates as well, even neurotypical ones, because everyone feels different sometimes. By the end of the story, her rules for herself have shifted dramatically.

See also: Rules by Cynthia Lord, A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll


"If I've learned something
in my time on this earth,
it's that if you don't
stand up for yourself,
no one else will."
(Pop to Selah, 62)

is for me. Pop calls it
making steam holes to keep us
from boiling over. (88)

I write and write
until I get to the end of a feeling
and feel the steam
inside me
go out through my pen... (94)

I am full
of possibilities--
I can do more
than just hide. (143)

No, it's OK,
I want to say. It's a
kind of different. (151)

do we have to
so much
about Normal? (152)

Maybe my rules
worry too much about
what other people think

Maybe Pop's rules
don't think enough
about how other people feel (166)

Nobody else has asked
what I want or need. (208)

I want people to know
I am not damaged.
I am not a clearance item at an outlet store.
I am a person. (233) ( )
  JennyArch | Jan 24, 2024 |
Selah knows that she is not like the other kids at her school. She compiles a list of social rules for herself to follow so that nobody will figure out she is different. Then all her feelings come spilling out. This is an excellent book to read to understand how the autistic student feels and functions. This story really explained to me (as a teacher and librarian) what those students who I have worked with may have experienced at school. ( )
  KimAMoore | Jul 1, 2023 |
The parallels to Starfish are HIGHLY deserved. This book is one I think every young person needs to read.

* Those who think they are different and do not have the words to describe what they are going through
* Those who do have an autism diagnosis and are looking for others to understand what it is like in their shoes
* Those who want to understand neurodivergence

From the school dynamics of classmates, to dealing with outbursts and feelings even more confused with your inner dragon, to family members being in denial about "being different" and needing accommodations, this book hits on a LOT. Meg Eden Kuyatt is a neurodivergent author; she truly writes this book from an honest, raw, windows/mirrors lens that I greatly appreciated. And the novel in verse medium of the story was an absolute! It truly helped us see into the mind of Selah. Novels in verse need to be more common!

I did struggle with the mom constantly being in denial about Selah's autism. The whole "there is nothing wrong with you, you don't need accommodations, etc." really bugged me. But of course she doesn't stay there. And who knows how I would be if it were me with my daughter.

It's important to remember that autism is so much more than what we think it is. Women also have it as well as men. And that every single person is precious. Selah finds the way to cope and understand what is going on her mind--writing poetry. It is beautiful to watch how writing truly unlocks her mind for herself and for others.

I will be recommending this book to so many.
( )
  msgabbythelibrarian | Jun 11, 2023 |
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Seventh-grader Selah Godfrey knows that to be "normal" she has to keep her feelings tightly controlled when people are around, but after hitting a fellow student, she needs to figure out just what makes her different--and why that is ok. Told in verse.

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