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65 Great Spine Chillers (1988) — Editor — 81 exemplares
65 Great Tales of the Supernatural (1979) — Editor; Contribuidor — 60 exemplares
65 Great Tales of Horror (1981) 59 exemplares
Realms of Darkness (1985) — Editor — 45 exemplares
65 Great Murder Mysteries (1983) — Editor — 41 exemplares
The 6th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1971) — Editor — 26 exemplares
8th Armada Ghost Book (1976) 15 exemplares
6th Armada Ghost Book (1974) 14 exemplares
4th Armada Ghost Book (1972) 14 exemplares
The Famous Five and You Take Off! (1989) 11 exemplares
5th Armada Ghost Book (1973) 11 exemplares
11th Armada Ghost Book (1979) 11 exemplares
The Famous Five and You Underground! (1989) — Autor — 11 exemplares
The awful joke book (1979) 10 exemplares
3rd Armada Ghost Book (1970) 10 exemplares
The 7th Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories (1972) — Editor — 10 exemplares
Frighteners (1900) 9 exemplares
7th Armada Ghost Book (1975) 8 exemplares
Frighteners 2 (1976) 8 exemplares
15th Armada Ghost Book (1983) 7 exemplares
Bumper Book of Ghost Stories (1990) 7 exemplares
Armada Book of Fun (1971) 7 exemplares
Famous Five Diary (1988) 6 exemplares
The Batty Book Book (1985) 6 exemplares
Rotten Riddles and Goofy Gags (1990) 6 exemplares
The 14th Armada Ghost Book (1982) 6 exemplares
9th Armada Ghost Book (1977) 6 exemplares
The Most Awful Joke Book Ever (1984) 6 exemplares
How Trivial Can You Get? (1986) 5 exemplares
The Armada Book of Limericks (1978) 5 exemplares
Fun for 8 Year Olds (1989) 4 exemplares
A Single Girl (1972) 4 exemplares
10th Armada Ghost Book (1978) 3 exemplares
12th Armada Ghost Book (1980) 3 exemplares
The 2nd Armada Book of Fun (1979) 3 exemplares
13th Armada Ghost Book (1981) 2 exemplares
The Even More Awful Joke Book (1982) 2 exemplares
Armada Book of Cartoons (1972) 2 exemplares
2nd Armada Book of Cartoons (1977) 2 exemplares
Fun for 5 Year Olds (1989) 2 exemplares
The Godsend 1 exemplar
Fun on Wheels (Armada) (1973) 1 exemplar
Let's Cook (1990) 1 exemplar
The Dickens Game 1 exemplar
Horror stories 1 exemplar
Nightmares (1983) 1 exemplar
Turnip Tom and Big Fat Rosie (1972) 1 exemplar

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Haunting Women (1988) — Contribuidor — 37 exemplares
Brighton Shock (2010) — Contribuidor — 9 exemplares
The Haunted Dolls (1980) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Horrors, Horrors, Horrors (1978) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Creepies, Creepies, Creepies (1977) — Contribuidor — 5 exemplares


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 I'm a lover of stories about evil children- I can't help myself. I'm happy to report that I loved this story too.
Alan and Kate have four children already when they meet a mysterious pregnant woman in the park. In a strange series of events, the woman ends up birthing her child in Alan and Kate's house and the story begins.
From there the atmosphere and tension continuously builds, always leaving the reader guessing. Always leaving the reader wondering at the truth. This story was skillfully told-you can feel the emotions of the parents as incidents continue to occur-and at times you want to hug them and at others you just want to shake some sense into them!

Then came that one sentence: "And Bonnie knew that I knew." A chilling shot of adrenaline went through me as I read it-I actually trembled a little bit.
It was delicious! 
To summarize, this book was a roaring good time, especially for those of you that grew up with movies and books like The Omen or The Bad Seed. If you like that type of story, you should pick up this novel. It's fast paced, atmospheric, suspenseful and just plain fun!
Highly recommended!
… (mais)
Charrlygirl | Mar 22, 2020 |
A good collection of largely out of print short stories. There are no novellas here but some are longer than others. Notable for its inclusion of such authors as Winston Churchill and HP Lovecraft, it has some very good stories about fear, suspense and the supernatural. This is much better Han many modern anthologies in its variety and quality of its contents. I thought that this was very good and well worth sourcing out if you like short stories.
1 vote
aadyer | 1 outra crítica | Oct 1, 2017 |
SEL writes: Mostly poor; either over-familiar, trite, over-descriptive or just silly.

Exceptions are marked with stars.
sterlingelanier | Sep 25, 2015 |
I own an old sailboat that I bought used. I sail at night and sleep on it occasionally. After reading "South Sea Bubble", I thought it would be fun to re-tell Hammond Innes' tale, but substitute my boat and locale in the retelling. I am so amazed at how pulled in the listener becomes, that I almost hate to have to break the spell and tell them nah, it's just an adapted ghost story I borrowed from Hammond Innes. I call the escaped convict the "Pirate" because he always wore his Pittsburgh Pirate hat. When I tell the part where I'm dreaming of a rowboat approaching and bumping my anchored boat and that I awake and see a skeleton face wearing a Pirate cap brandishing a winch handle, I usually get a scream or two. The man could tell a story!… (mais)
JoeShields | 3 outras críticas | Feb 26, 2014 |

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