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Aldous Huxley was born on July 26, 1894, in Surrey, England, into a distinguished scientific and literary family; his grandfather was the noted scientist and writer, T.H. Huxley. Following an eye illness at age 16 that resulted in near-blindness, Huxley abandoned hope of a career in medicine and mostrar mais turned instead to literature, attending Oxford University and graduating with honors. While at Oxford, he published two volumes of poetry. Crome Yellow, his first novel, was published in 1927 followed by Antic Hay, Those Barren Leaves, and Point Counter Point. His most famous novel, Brave New World, published in 1932, is a science fiction classic about a futuristic society controlled by technology. In all, Huxley produced 47 works during his long career, In 1947, Huxley moved with his family to southern California. During the 1950s, he experimented with mescaline and LSD. Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell, both works of nonfiction, were based on his experiences while taking mescaline under supervision. In 1959, Aldous Huxley received the Award of Merit for the Novel from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He died on November 22, 1963. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Brave New World (1932) 52,700 exemplares
Island (1962) 4,154 exemplares
Brave New World Revisited (1958) 2,763 exemplares
Point Counter Point (1928) 2,541 exemplares
Crome Yellow (1921) 1,963 exemplares
The Perennial Philosophy (1944) 1,803 exemplares
The Devils of Loudun (1952) 1,473 exemplares
Ape and Essence (1948) 1,295 exemplares
Eyeless in Gaza (1936) 1,285 exemplares
Antic Hay (1923) 1,285 exemplares
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (1939) 1,177 exemplares
The Doors of Perception (1954) 1,083 exemplares
Time must have a stop (1944) 590 exemplares
Those Barren Leaves (1925) — Autor — 581 exemplares
The Genius and the Goddess (1955) — Autor — 488 exemplares
The Art of Seeing (1942) 398 exemplares
The Crows of Pearblossom (1967) 335 exemplares
Grey Eminence (1941) 278 exemplares
Brief Candles (1930) — Autor — 238 exemplares
Collected Short Stories (1957) 232 exemplares
Music at Night and Other Essays (1931) 185 exemplares
Jacob's Hands (1998) 179 exemplares
Mortal Coils (1922) 174 exemplares
Collected Essays (1959) 168 exemplares
Jesting Pilate (1926) — Autor — 142 exemplares
Heaven and Hell (1956) — Autor — 139 exemplares
Beyond the Mexique Bay (1934) 131 exemplares
Huxley and God: Essays (1901) 119 exemplares
The Human Situation (1977) 117 exemplares
Texts and Pretexts (1932) 104 exemplares
Literature and Science (1963) 90 exemplares
Two or Three Graces (1926) — Autor — 82 exemplares
Pride and Prejudice [1940 film] (1940) — Screenwriter — 80 exemplares
Science, Liberty, and Peace (1946) 78 exemplares
Brave New World [Penguin Readers] (1999) 76 exemplares
Limbo (1920) 66 exemplares
Jane Eyre [1943 film] (1943) — Screenwriter — 62 exemplares
The Gioconda Smile {short story} (1901) — Autor — 59 exemplares
Do What You Will (1929) 59 exemplares
100 Eternal Masterpieces of Literature - volume 1 (2017) — Contribuidor — 54 exemplares
Twice Seven (1944) 51 exemplares
On the margin : notes and essays (1923) 51 exemplares
Proper Studies (1927) 51 exemplares
On Art and Artists (1960) 45 exemplares
Stories, Essays, and Poems (1921) 42 exemplares
Themes and Variations (1777) 41 exemplares
The Olive Tree and Other Essays (1936) 40 exemplares
Letters of Aldous Huxley (1969) 39 exemplares
Little Mexican (1924) 38 exemplares
Adonis and the alphabet (1956) 37 exemplares
The Hidden Huxley (1994) 32 exemplares
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Now More Than Ever (2000) 23 exemplares
Antic Hay / The Gioconda Smile (1951) 22 exemplares
Psychedelics: Vintage Minis (2017) 21 exemplares
Selected Letters of Aldous Huxley (2007) 19 exemplares
Leda (1920) 19 exemplares
An encyclopaedia of pacifism (1937) 18 exemplares
Mi Tio Spencer (1933) 17 exemplares
The burning wheel (1916) 15 exemplares
The Gioconda Smile: A Play (1948) 14 exemplares
Essays New and Old (1926) 12 exemplares
Words and their meanings (2018) 10 exemplares
Reiskoorts : bekende schrijvers over de kunst van het reizen (1986) — Contribuidor — 9 exemplares
Essays 7 exemplares
Prisons (1949) 7 exemplares
Crome Yellow | Antic Hay (1968) 7 exemplares
Contos escolhidos (2014) 5 exemplares
Un Mundo feliz ; Mono y esencia (2000) 5 exemplares
Pacifism and Philosophy (1994) 5 exemplares
Selected Essays (1961) 5 exemplares
The Monocle (1959) 4 exemplares
Arabia Infelix And Other Poems (1929) 4 exemplares
Aldous Huxley 3 exemplares
Novelas I Aldous Huxley (1957) 3 exemplares
The Aldous Huxley Collection (2019) 3 exemplares
Jonah (2001) 3 exemplares
Den mexikanska hatten 3 exemplares
CUENTOS SELECTOS (2014) 3 exemplares
The Rest Cure (1985) 3 exemplares
Obras completas 3 exemplares
The Tillotson Banquet (1953) 3 exemplares
Obras Completas Vol III (1969) 3 exemplares
Divatok a szerelemben Esszék (1984) 2 exemplares
EL TIEMPO Y LA MAQUINA (1945) 2 exemplares
Meistererzählungen (1984) 2 exemplares
Brave New World & 1984 (2020) 2 exemplares
Cynthia (1988) 2 exemplares
Fard 2 exemplares
Selected Poems (1925) 2 exemplares
Obras completas. I 2 exemplares
Point Counter Point : vol 1 (1929) 2 exemplares
ME E MIRA E BOTEVE 2 exemplares
Nuns at Luncheon (2013) 2 exemplares
Markmid og Leidir 1 exemplar
Brave New World 1 exemplar
Las manos de Jacob (1998) 1 exemplar
Czas musi stanąć (2022) 1 exemplar
Ape and essense 1 exemplar
La situación humana (1980) 1 exemplar
Eminência Parda (1900) 1 exemplar
Novelas Tomo I 1 exemplar
A Day in Windsor 1 exemplar
1965 1 exemplar
Antologia do conto moderno — Autor — 1 exemplar
The Dwarfs 1 exemplar
Himmel og helvede 1 exemplar
1977 1 exemplar
The Burning Wheel and Leda (2020) 1 exemplar
Verhalen 1 exemplar
Poesía completa (2011) 1 exemplar
Novelas II 1 exemplar
Brave New World (Dramatized) (2012) 1 exemplar
Pripovjetke 1 exemplar
Cicadas and Other Poems (1931) 1 exemplar
Essays : [in drei Bänden] (1994) 1 exemplar
The Claxtons 1 exemplar
Half-Holiday 1 exemplar
Fairy Godmother 1 exemplar
U prilog duhu (2015) 1 exemplar
O Céu e o Inferno 1 exemplar
A arte de ver 1 exemplar
Maymun ve Öz (2021) 1 exemplar
On Language (1961) 1 exemplar
Unser Glaube 1 exemplar
Chawdron (2011) 1 exemplar

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50 Great Short Stories (1952) — Contribuidor — 1,217 exemplares
The Devil in the Flesh (1921) — Introdução, algumas edições1,084 exemplares
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The Oxford Book of English Short Stories (1998) — Contribuidor — 187 exemplares
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Great Tales of the Far West (1956) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
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Best Crime Stories 2 — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar


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Nome legal
Huxley, Aldous Leonard
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Watts Memorial Chapel Cemetery, Compton, Guildford, Surrey, England, UK
England, UK
USA (emigratie)
País (no mapa)
Local de nascimento
Godalming, Surrey, England, UK
Local de falecimento
Los Angeles, California, USA
Causa da morte
laryngeal cancer
Locais de residência
Godalming, Surrey, England
Los Angeles, California, USA
Eton College
Balliol Collage, Oxford University (BA|1916)
Huxley, Leonard (father)
Huxley, Matthew (son)
Huxley, Julian (brother)
Huxley, Laura Archera (wife)
Huxley, Thomas Henry (grandfather)
Ward, Mary Augusta (aunt) (mostrar todos 11)
Arnold, Matthew (great-uncle)
Ward, Thomas Humphry (uncle)
Arnold, Thomas (great-grandfather)
Huxley, Anthony (nephew)
Huxley, Francis (nephew)
Prémios e menções honrosas
Royal Society of Literature Companion of Literature (1962)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Foreign Honorary ∙ Literature ∙ 1960)
American Academy of Arts and Letters Award of Merit (1959)
James Tait Black Memorial Prize (1939)

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Aldous Leonard Huxley (26 July 1894 – 22 November 1963) was an English writer and a prominent member of the Huxley family. Best known for his novels and a wide-ranging output of essays, Huxley also edited the magazine Oxford Poetry, and published short stories, poetry, travel writing, film stories and scripts. He spent the later part of his life in the United States, living in Los Angeles from 1937 until his death.



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Strange experience to finally a read a book one knows so much about. Similar to my experience reading The Odyssey. It’s not quite as interesting as I thought it would be. It’s very English and dated, and I never really cared that much for any of the characters. The set up is interesting and enduring, obviously, but I’m not sure reading the book added that much to the ideas within the book. The use of Ford as the “god” of the society was clever and apt. The emphasis on not just the pleasure-seeking society, but the consumerism and infantilizing goals of the orchestrators of the society were all too true. I can’t remember the book "We" enough to appreciate the charges of plagiarism. All in all good and worth reading, but a little clunky and bloodless.
I just went and reread my blog post about "We" and, I will state that there is no comparison. "We" had a humor and wit that is not really present in "Brave New World" which in comparison seems just…angry.
… (mais)
BookyMaven | 753 outras críticas | Dec 6, 2023 |
Brave New World is definitely a trope setter for dystopia and sci-fi books that would come later. However, the prose is very overwhelming, so if you have trouble focusing when reading, you're better off listening to an audiobook version or reading the physical book alongside listening to an audiobook. It's a slog to read if you have trouble focusing because the prose is very heavy, at times abstract, easy to get lost in because it can go from explaining how the world works, to yelling in writing, describing a certain process, to describing characters and the world - and it can easily become word soup. A very overstimulating word soup.

So I found an audiobook version and listened to it wheel reading the book and that helped me focus a lot better. Then I just gave up on reading the book because I found the story more fun to listen to in order to imagine what was happening, rather than reading about it and having to focus on the words in front of me while also trying to imagine what was happening.
… (mais)
AuthorSSD | 753 outras críticas | Nov 29, 2023 |
This book was described in another I read as being semi-fictional - having read it, I can see what they mean. In places, the author imagines how things must have been between people where no record exists of their interactions or in some cases their private thoughts and emotions.

The book starts off as being about the campaign against Urbain Grandier, a parish priest in the town of Loudun who was unpopular with many influential men due to his arrogance - he once insisted on precedence in a church parade over a visiting prelate who was technically his superior (something that cost him dearly years later when the man he snubbed had great power and a long memory for a grudge) - and his tendency to seduce female parishioners. The clergy had always had a poor reputation up until the middle ages, with many monks etc having common law wives, but by the 17th century, the Catholic church was trying to clean up its house as part of the Counter Reformation. Grandier's tendency to be his own worst enemy told against him when he made an implacable enemy out of a former friend due to this behaviour. He was also advised on a couple of occasions to obtain a posting elsewhere and leave town, but would not believe that his enemies could prevail against him. The author believes he loved disputation too much - he was embroiled in various court cases - but this can only be guesswork.

Originally thwarted in their attempts to ruin him, his enemies finally came up with the more drastic idea of staging a demonic possession of the local nuns who had become obsessed with his reputation although they had never actually seen him. The nuns blamed Grandier who became condemned as a sorceror, and the author spells out the involvement of various enemies of Grandier's and their cynicism in accusing him. His fate is truly horrific. The book then rather loses focus as it meanders on, describing the subsequent career of the various actors involved in the possessions, and includes a lot of material on a priest called Surin who was called in subsequently and had his own neuroses which became much worse due to his involvement. An appendix gives the author's ideas on the psychology of crowds and mass hysteria although rather belabouring the point I felt.

A weakness of the book is that there are no footnotes as would be usual in a historical account. There is only a bibliography of works consulted. So it isn't possible to tell exactly what certain assertions by the author are based upon. There is also quite a lot of untranslated French, references to very obscure people in history, and a lot of material at one point about spirituality but written in a style rather like Pseud's Corner from Private Eye. So although the material about Grandier is fascinating, the book balances out overall for me at a 3 star rating.
… (mais)
kitsune_reader | 21 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
It's a classic with very original ideas, several of which are critiques of consumerism (perhaps because it is, in part, a product of the roaring '20s!) and even warnings for our current times--genetic engineering comes to mind. Execution sometimes wanes in the lectures, particularly Mond's at the end, but it's a quick read and, as satire, entertaining.
quantum.alex | 753 outras críticas | Nov 18, 2023 |


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